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Friday, May 9, 2014

Natural Bridges


After Climbing the Moki Dugway, we found ourselves on top of Cedar Mesa. At the Northern end of the mesa is Natural Bridges National Monument.

DSC_1257 (Medium)

Home to three natural bridges which are viewable from a nine mile loop road.

 DSC_1261 (Medium)

The youngest is Kachina, which is still being formed by canyon floods.

DSC_1326 (Medium)

DSC_1328 (Medium)

The Mature, or middle, bridge is Sipapu.  Completely formed, and standing tall and proud.

DSC_1264 (Medium)

The oldest, now being eroded by frost and moisture action, is Owachomo.  No one knows how much longer it will continue to bridge the ancient streambed which created it.  Could still be centuries before it collapses.

DSC_1334 (Medium)

DSC_1333 (Medium)

In a moment of weakness I decided to hike the Sipapu trail.  How bad can six tenth’s of a mile be?

DSC_1267 (Medium)

Notice the elevation change, or the word strenuous? Nah, me neither.

Should have been a warning.

DSC_1269 (Medium)

DSC_1271 (Medium)

It levels out for a short distance leading past some old ruins, and to a natural viewpoint.

DSC_1272 (Medium)

DSC_1275 (Medium)

DSC_1314 (Medium)

Did I enjoy the view and start back up?  Nope.  Kept going, getting closer and closer, while going down and down.

DSC_1283 (Medium)

DSC_1286 (Medium)

DSC_1290 (Medium)

More of these,

DSC_1293 (Medium)

as well as handrails in some sections of slickrock which I didn’t get pictures of due to my holding on.

Finally to the bottom, and the remains of the stream which created the beauty.

DSC_1300 (Medium)

DSC_1302 (Medium)

From there, it was back to the top. 500 feet of elevation gain in 6/10 of a mile!  What was I thinking?  Anyway, I made it back up before Wanda felt the need to call 911.  Another great hike to view more of “Land before Time”……

DSC_1316 (Medium)


  1. Just got finished reading your last 3 posts, I haven't had internet for the past 3/4 days...here in KC....What GREAT posts...I really enjoy that part of the Country....hopefully I'll be heading that was this Fall....that was some kind of hike you took....what elevation gain for such a short distance....Terrific photo's...Thanks for sharing...I am enjoying this adventure!!!!...safe journey...Horst sends

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  3. Jerry .. you take some excellent photos .. we expect nothing less :) No one can say you don't take any 'adventurous' hikes ! We arrived at Catalina State Park in Tucson today .. then on to Sedona & Page AZ. Safe Travels to you & Wanda .. Paul & Terri

  4. Up, over and back down...you are making some great distances! What beauty...wow!

  5. Beautiful photos Jerry--good job on the hike!

  6. Your are exposing me to places I've not been....Monument Valley and Natural Bridges. Love the pictures and imagining us being there next summer. What's the temperature?

    Glad you made it back to the top....I have done a few short hikes in Utah and n Arizona..thinking the distance was nothing. But between the elevation and heat, thought it might be over for me.

  7. That was some short hike! Beautiful.

  8. Previous comment update. Rolling date for our Team is May 27. Thanks for the inspiration.


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