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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dead Horse Point SP


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We arrived at Dead Horse Point state park in a driving snow storm.  Flakes looked like chicken feathers flying through the air.  I thought it was supposed to be Summer in Southern Utah!

It didn’t last long, and I was pleasantly surprised to find electrical hookups at the campground.  I thought it was dry camping.  Sure was easier heating the trailer with the heat strip rather than the furnace.

We did a short ride to out to the point and I shot a few pictures.  Kind of dark and rainy, but the scenery was still beautiful.

IMG_2577 (Medium)

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IMG_2589 (Medium)


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Not much can be added to express the beauty of this place.  Hoping for some sun and warm temps for tomorrow…….jc


  1. That place looks beautiful even in bad weather.

  2. Love, love, love the play of the sun and clouds on an already terrific group of photos.

  3. Stunning photos ... ! Can't believe I'm going to say this .. but .. that snow looks pretty good .. we've been seeing mid/high 90's in Cottonwood/Sedona. Got back to Casita this afternoon 109 degrees ..! Leaving on Monday for Grand Canyon ! Enjoy the tour .. safe travels ! Paul & Terri

  4. Beautiful! Count yourself lucky....even if it's a bit chilly.

    We have had the heat on, intermittently, today and yesterday but mid 80's coming back this week.


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