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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Canyonlands NP.


Two posts today, due to no internet the last couple of days. 

DSC_1359 (Medium)

The sun finally came out our second day at Dead Horse SP.  We decided to make a drive into the Islands in the Sky district of Canyonlands.  A landscape too large for words, or photo’s.  Having visited both rims of the Grand Canyon, as well as Phantom Ranch down on the river. I know that it’s an awesome place.  But, in my opinion it can’t hold a candle to Canyonlands in just plain beauty.  There’s not a viewpoint that doesn’t take your breath away.  I’m just disappointed that I can’t take a photo that shows all that beauty. 

A few of my dismal attempts.

DSC_1363 (Medium)

DSC_1372 (Medium)

DSC_1373 (Medium)

DSC_1384 (Medium)

DSC_1395 (Medium)

DSC_1405 (Medium)

On to Capitol Reef…….


  1. Oh wow! Am more eager than ever to see this place. How are the crowds?

  2. Canyonlands is one of my favorite areas....only problem, I always seem to hit the area when its 100 plus degrees...Awesome photo's....Your Trip is really giving me a case of "Hitchitch".....take care and keep posting those Super...oh, I mean "Dismal attempts" of photo's :) ....Horst sends

  3. Not dismal pics at all. Those of us fortunate enough to have been to Canyonlands have been reminded of what an awe inspiring place it is; those who have the place on their (or will, after your pics) bucket list will be motivated to move the visit closer to the top of the list. Your last 2 photos speak volumes of what is there.

  4. Wow, looking forward to visiting Canyonlands. Great photos.

  5. Beautiful place and some beautiful pictures.

  6. I think your photos are anything but dismal....they are awesome!!!!! We were suppose to be out there this spring but, as you know, our son decided to get married. Oh well, next time!!! We just can't wait!!!

  7. Great photos! Your comments give me hope that the Grand Canyon river trip this past March aren't going to ruin the Canyonlands for me. Looking forward to trip #11 on the Green River through Canyonlands in September.

  8. Loved the pictures....they are great!

  9. I remember those views! Isn't that the most stunning place!

  10. Now another "must see!" Really beautiful. Can't wait to get back out on the road!


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