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Monday, May 12, 2014

Moab ??


We have reservations at Dead Horse Point state park for a couple of nights, so thought we would make a stop in Moab for laundry, groceries, pizza, and other assorted items.  Called one of the local RV parks and was lucky enough to grab the last spot available.  There were two Jeep rally’s and one bike rally in town for the week.  The park we were in was hosting a FMCA 4-wheelers rally.  Every site had a Jeep, ORV, or mountain bikes.  Some had all three.

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As all we had was a worn out bicycle on the back of the Casita, we felt sort of “out of place”.  Matter of fact, while in town I priced a used 2013 rental at one of the bike shops.  Thought I might improve my standings in the community.  The cheapest one was $1795.00.  You can figure the rest of that story.

After laundry, we did a drive along the Lasal Loop, south of town.  Usually a beautiful drive, but with low clouds shielding everything there wasn’t much to see.  Still a little snow, and the aspens are just beginning to bud.

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Met the Colorado River in Castle Valley and followed it back to Moab.

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Stopped along the way at Red Cliffs Lodge.  They have a wonderful museum to the history of the Western film industry, and it’s free. 

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Over 120 movies, along with hundreds of TV series, specials, and commercials, have been filmed in the area between Castle Valley and Monument Valley. 

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Lots of interesting stuff.  There was also a winery next door which had free tastings.  Had to check that out, also.  From Moab, it’s on to Dead Horse……jc


  1. We were at the Slickrock RV Park just after Mother's Day in 2009. Hotter than h.... and turned on the AC! Love all those red rocks!

  2. What a neat museum!!!
    Gorgeous area!!!

  3. I knew the Duke had to be in there someplace.

  4. Somehow I missed the Museum...and the Winery.. :-).....Super photos and History Lesson...Take care and keep posting...I smiling from the "Backseat",,,,Horst sends


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