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Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Though we have visited Zion NP four times in the last six years, always on Memorial Day weekend, we both remarked that the drive in through the East side was a beautiful as ever.  Once in the campground though, our impression changed.  Seems most of our generation has been replaced with a far younger crowd.  Many more tents, cars, and kids, than before. Very few RV’s, even in Watchman campground.

 IMG_3226 (Medium)

Car horns constantly beeping as the doors are being locked and unlocked. Large groups at each site, some even hauling their gear in small U-Haul trailers. 

With the Memorial Day crowd being what it was, we only took one short hike on Friday Morning. Our little group.

IMG_3130 (Medium)

IMG_3123 (Medium)

It was cloudy and drippy, so not very good pictures.  I was proud of Wanda though, as she trooped right along.

IMG_3132 (Medium)

IMG_3139 (Medium)

We were in lurker mode for the most part, the rest of the weekend.  Took a couple drives outside the park.  One to Grafton, which Paul Newman made famous, and I posted about back in May, 2011.

IMG_3169 (Medium) IMG_3170 (Medium)

IMG_3173 (Medium)

The little cemetery is fascinating to me.  The hardships those people went through.

IMG_3184 (Medium)

IMG_3191 (Medium) IMG_3192 (Medium)

Also drove out to Flying Monkey Mesa.  Just google it!  Scary drive up to the top of Hurricane Mesa to see only this.

IMG_3199 (Medium)

IMG_3203 (Medium) IMG_3204 (Medium)

Was a test site for ejection seats back in the early fifties.  Now???

Anyway, we had a good weekend in Zion.  Especially the early mornings as the sun touched the peaks around us, and then slid down to brighten the valley floor.  Sally and I enjoyed that time of day the best.

IMG_3213 (Medium)

IMG_3209 (Medium)


IMG_3229 (Medium)

On to the North Rim……..jc


  1. Yep...the times they are a'changing!!! Once again...just spectacular scenery!!!

  2. You and Wanda are sure making some Super memories!!!...Thanks for sharing....Happy trails...Horst sends

  3. Since I was out RVing myself for over a week, I didn't get to read your posts when they were written but I am all caught up now. Certainly is a wonderful trip you are on. I have RV envy right now.


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