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Monday, May 26, 2014

Cedar Breaks Nat. Mon.


IMG_2942 (Medium)

We took a drive out West of Panguitch, UT to visit Cedar Breaks.  A smaller version of the landscape one sees at Bryce.  Located at a slightly higher elevation, there was still some snow on the ground, and a cold wind was blowing.

IMG_2952 (Medium)

IMG_2946 (Medium)

Sally even found a snow bank to play in.

IMG_2951 (Medium)

The official opening wasn’t until Memorial Day, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

IMG_2944 (Medium)

IMG_2947 (Medium)

IMG_2953 (Medium)

Since Sally had so much fun playing in the snow, we thought we would drive off the main road and let her run some more.  Seems the snow we found had a soft crust and we both were leaving postholes in it.  She didn’t appreciate being up to her belly, and headed for the truck.

IMG_2961 (Medium)

IMG_2962 (Medium)

Saw an unusual sign just out from Panguitch on the way up.  Appears many folks miss the turn for Hwy 89, in town.

IMG_2964 (Medium)

Last post for a few days.  No internet, possibly…….jc…………..


  1. Breathtaking!!!!...I think it should be against the Law for you Guys to be having this much fun!! :) ......thanks for sharing...Horst sends

  2. Poor Sally! Guess no one likes a cold wet belly.

  3. That certainly cooled me off on this warm Memorial Day!! I bet Sally had fun!!

  4. Thanks for the pictures. You are WAY above my altitude limits.


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