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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lake Eufaula State Park, OK


Pulled out of the Memphis area this morning around 6:30 AM.  Stopped to fill the gas tank and grab some breakfast from a Dunkin’ donuts.  Crossed the old Mississippi river bridge and into Arkansas by 7:30.  Decided to take Hwy. 64 rather than I-40.  Had reports of all the rubbernecking of the tornado damage on I-40 between Little Rock and Conway.  Traffic creeping along as everyone surveyed the damage.  After we arrived at Conway I came to the conclusion that our route was the best way to get from Memphis to West of Little Rock.  A few traffic lights, but sure beat all the traffic, and I think we arrived at Conway earlier than we would have taking I-40.

Lots of farm land in the Arkansas delta.

IMG_2751 (Medium)

IMG_2754 (Medium)

IMG_2752 (Medium)

  Just as we approached Ft. Smith, traffic came to a near standstill.  Had to detour of I-40 through the town of Van Buren due to an eighteen wheeler flipped on it side, blocking both westbound lanes.  Thankfully, the accident was just a couple hundred feet past an exit so law enforcement was able to detour everyone rather than having to sit in traffic for hours.

Soon we were seeing the hills of Oklahoma.

IMG_2759 (Medium)

Thought of Judy and Emma as we passed this sign.

IMG_2758 (Medium)

We arrived at the state park around 3 PM.

IMG_2764 (Medium)

IMG_2765 (Medium)

  Full hookup site for $12.00. 

IMG_2768 (Medium)

IMG_2769 (Medium)

As you see, the truck is disconnected from the trailer.  I had originally set up with out unhitching, as we only here for the night.  Wanda decided to take a nap and I decided to go for a bike ride.  About four miles from the campground I had a flat tire.  Thankfully, I had my phone and was able to talk Wanda through disconnecting, and unhitching the Casita.  Her very first time in seven years.  She did a great job.  Neither one of us shouted at the other over the phone.Smile

Grilled chicken and Caesar salad for supper.  Amarillo tomorrow, if all goes as planned.


  1. Smart of you to keep your voice down....four miles would have been a long walk!!!

    Twelve dollars! Are all OK parks this inexpensive? Must check this out!

    Have fun!

  2. Glad you Guys had a safe day.....Traffic seems to be heavy everywhere...we're heading north on l-35 and it was bumper to bumper...on our way to KC...without the Casita .. :( ...currently bedded down at Ardmore, OK....BTW a real Camper would have strapped the bike on his back and walked the SHORT 4 miles back....haha......I read the post to my Bride and she was impressed and admired Wanda ...said you "owe her Big Time".. :)...Have a safe and fun Journey...Horst sends

  3. I usually just shout to the sky when I get in a predicament like that. ;)

  4. Isn't it great when you get past the yelling stage? Ours only lasted about a year after we got our first trailer. :)

    So glad to see you on the road again!

  5. Bravo Wanda.....I imagine you'd be a pretty nice talking guide! How do you score a state aprk for twelve bucks...OK must be pretty generious?!! Looking at IN $25 to park...$7 to get in the park!

  6. Nice job, Wanda! Love the price on your site. I'm looking at Washington State parks that ruin $40 for a reservation.

  7. Yea Wanda!! I'm wondering the same thing as everyone else, are all OK state parks $12 for full hookups???

  8. Good job Wanda. Always best for both partners to be able to manage all the aspects of RVing. You just never know when you will need to do it.

  9. Great job, Wanda!!! Glad he behaved himself on the phone so he could get that ride home...LOL!!!
    Nice looking state park and excellent price!!! :-)


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