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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Calf Creek Falls


A few miles East of Escalante is a BLM recreation area called Calf Creek.  The highlight of the area is the waterfall about three miles back up a canyon.  Five of us thought it should be worth the hike. 

IMG_2862 (Medium)

Started out as a normal hike.

IMG_2865 (Medium)

IMG_2867 (Medium)

Beaver dams among the red rock.

IMG_2868 (Medium)

A granary built into the side of a cliff by some ancient people.  For those from the Southern parts of the Country, we’d call it a corn crib. 

IMG_2870 (Medium)

For perspective.  Not very easy to access.

IMG_2871 (Medium)

IMG_2872 (Medium)

Also some petroglyphs.

IMG_2876 (Medium)

IMG_2874 (Medium)

Almost there.

IMG_2880 (Medium)

First glimpse.

IMG_2882 (Medium)

IMG_2896 (Medium) IMG_2900 (Medium)

Awesome place.  No tweaking on this photo.

IMG_2912 (Medium)

A very worthwhile hike.  Nothing left but a dusty trail back.

IMG_2923 (Medium)

Don’t miss it if in the area……..jc


  1. Amazing. I'm sure it was worth the effort just to see that waterfall.

  2. You sure are taking advantage of the sites....just got finished reading your last post and this one pops up...I'm out of breath just reading about your "Hikes". I have not been to that area...it is now on my agenda for this Fall...Awesome photo's especially the Falls...also enjoying the History you are providing of the area...thanks for sharing....looking forward to your next "Trek"...Horst sends

  3. Just beautiful!

  4. Calf Creek was one of our favorites ... waterfall is amazing ! Hope to revisit in a few weeks .. Nice photos .. Safe Travels .. Paul & Terri

  5. I'm stumbled across another blog a few days ago and they are in the same area, taking the same hikes! Gorgeous scenery--I love Utah!


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