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Saturday, May 10, 2014

House on Fire


A few miles from Natural Bridges, but not within the National Monument, lies an Anasazi ruin known as House on Fire, or House Afire.  It is located on BLM land about a mile up canyon from a dirt road off Hwy. 95.

DSC_1350 (Medium)

DSC_1346 (Medium)

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It gets its name from the pattern in the rock above it. The effects of the evening sun on the rock face is absolutely beautiful.  We were too early for the full effect, and If you would like to see the full effect just Google it to see some amazing photos. 

DSC_1341 (Medium)

DSC_1340 (Medium)

IMG_2391 (Medium)

Someone did some amazing rock work.

IMG_2432 (Medium)

IMG_2433 (Medium)

The insides of the rooms had been filled by pack rats over the years. Notice the smoke stains from ancient fires.

IMG_2424 (Medium)

IMG_2421 (Medium)

There were still scraps of pottery lying around.  Imagine the hands that created the intricate patterns centuries ago.

IMG_2426 (Medium)

IMG_2430 (Medium)

It felt somewhat odd to sit here in this place, thinking of the people that constructed it, scratching out a living growing corn and squash.

IMG_2413 (Medium)

It was a fun, fairly level hike up the canyon floor.  If you’re ever in the area give it a shot.  Well worth the hike.  We really enjoyed this look into the past.…..jc


  1. WOW! Help me to remember to do that if/when I get up there.

    You all seem to be taking full advantage of your time there.

  2. How cool--now we have to go back! I love BLM land--dogs can hike with you!

  3. Following your Journey is like receiving a new monthly addition of "National Geographic"...awesome photo's...I know what you mean about steping in the footprints of those from the past....you gave me a new location for the Fall Trip....Sally looks like see need a "Margarita"...Safe Travels Horst sends

  4. I did Google it and, yes, there are some amazing photos but my favorite is seeing my two buddies with the rocks "afire" over their heads.
    Great pictures!


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