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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Valley of the Gods


IMG_2436 (Medium)

Our last morning in Sand Island CG, we made a drive through the Valley of the Gods. Similar to, and just North of Monument Valley, it is a twenty something mile drive through some fantastic landscapes. It’s all BLM land, and there is no fee to drive through it.

A wet start, but the road was in remarkably good shape. 

IMG_2434 (Medium)

IMG_2440 (Medium)

IMG_2466 (Medium)

There were no markers to identify the many rock features, which leaves you to name them whatever you see.

Aunt Jemima.

IMG_2445 (Medium)

Spanish galleon, or an ark.

IMG_2446 (Medium)

A duck.

IMG_2448 (Medium)

Egyptian princess.

IMG_2453 (Medium)

IMG_2452 (Medium)

And an eagle’s head.  Just like clouds, the image changes as you move past.

IMG_2459 (Medium)

Lots of boondocking sites scattered all along the road.

IMG_2455 (Medium)

With views such as this.

IMG_2457 (Medium)

IMG_2478 (Medium)

Wildflowers and cactus were beginning to bloom.

IMG_2477 (Medium)

IMG_2480 (Medium)

IMG_2481 (Medium)

Just another remarkable area of Southeast Utah.

IMG_2472 (Medium)

We finished the loop, drove back to the campground and hooked up the Casita.  Headed to Moab.  Had to stop for the token photo at Wilson arch just South of town.

IMG_2488 (Medium)

More to come…….jc


  1. Another SUPER post and GREAT set of Photo's.....Soooo I guess you are into "Ink Blot" interpretations... :) Aunt Jemima...haha....Take care my Friend...Horst sends

  2. Loved the pictures....and the captions.

  3. Now Aunt Jemima is sure a blast from the past.

  4. We'll be looking for those rock features.. thanks for naming them ! Great photos .. Especially one of arch .. casita .. and truck
    ! Safe travels ...

  5. How did you manage to get the Wilson Arch photo with no people in it?? Every time we've driven by the place was mobbed! Great photos, enjoy Moab, we wish we were still there, four inches of snow on the ground this morning!


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