"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Waterton National Park

We spent three days in Townsite campground at Waterton N P.  A very quaint little village surrounded by jaw dropping scenery.  We walked, hiked, and rode around, looking for a bear but no luck with that.  These guys, along with mule deer were all around the campground.

IMG_2451 (Medium)

As well as these guys.  Hundreds of them in the campground, which drove Sally mad.

20180529_162051 (Medium)

Other than that, a campground fox and a construction zone moose make up the total of wildlife we have seen so far.

IMG_2443 (Medium)

IMG_2445 (Medium)

Cameron Falls is beside the campground.

20180528_104158 (Medium)

20180528_104426 (Medium)

And, Prince of Wales Lodge is perched on a hill overlooking Waterton Lake.

20180528_133837 (Medium)

20180528_135120 (Medium)


20180528_134038 (Medium)

20180528_134115 (Medium)

20180528_134220 (Medium)

It was a bit windy the day we were there.

20180528_135215_001 (Medium)

We did find two more pairs of Red Chairs.

20180528_150243 (Medium)

20180529_124419 (Medium)

Cameron Creek entering Waterton Lake.

20180528_192952 (Medium)

Nine thirty in the evening.  Darkness is coming later and later.

20180528_203545 (Medium)

On the move at present time…..jc

Monday, May 28, 2018


Saturday morning early, we were awakened by rain drops on the roof.  It was getting light, so I thought I might as well get up and start the coffee pot.  Imagine my surprise when the clock showed only 4:45 AM.  Yep, we’re getting further North.  So, it was back to bed.

We thought it would be a great morning to find a bear or two.

20180526_123344 (Medium)

No luck with finding bears, but we did see some interesting, and unusual sights on our drive.

20180526_115548 (Medium)

20180526_113441 (Medium)

20180526_112841 (Medium)

Did you see the face in the snow above?

20180526_112841.crop (Medium)

It spit rain off and on most of the day.  Something we found most surprising was that even though it was Memorial Day weekend, most everything in, and around East Glacier and Many Glacier was still closed.  Not even a place to get a hamburger.  I assumed the park would be full of folks like the Teton’s and Yellowstone, but it wasn’t.  We were told things begin to pick up on June 1, but wouldn’t be in full swing until July.

Since that was the case. we decided to move on across the border to Waterton Lakes NP in Alberta, Canada.  Another beautiful spot in the Rocky Mountains.

20180528_101846 (Medium)

No problem crossing the border.  A few questions about guns, alcohol, and length of stay in Canada.  A great border experience.  The campground is in Waterton Townsite, with a great walking path right beside the lake.  There were lots of folks here yesterday(Sunday), but the little town looks abandoned today.  We did find a breakfast spot.

20180528_093753 (Medium)

After a hearty $40.00(Canadian) breakfast, We strolled back to the campground.  We found our first set of red chairs.  A trademark in the Canadian National Parks, we hope to see many more.

20180527_193647 (Medium)

A couple more lake shots.  You will probably get tired of seeing them.

20180528_075714 (Medium)

20180528_080147 (Medium)

And a picture of just how close to the town the fires of last year came.  90% of the park is closed to all traffic, and very few of the more picturesque trails are open.  The house is right beside the campground.

20180528_103855 (Medium)

More to come….jc

Friday, May 25, 2018


After leaving West Yellowstone on Tuesday morning we made our way North and West.  We found a great little city park in Choteau, Montana.

                      20180522_185658 (Medium)

There was even free entertainment just across the stream.  Small towns are the same everywhere.  Spring evenings are spent at the ball fields.

20180522_190758 (Medium)

After Choteau, it was only a short drive to Glacier National Park, and St. Mary campground.

20180523_170826 (Medium)

The skies were somewhat overcast, but the temperature was in the high 60’s.  We set up the trailer and the Clam for an extended stay.

That afternoon there was word of a couple of bears just up the road a few miles.  We drove up to see if we could locate them.  No luck, but did take a few pictures of the lake nearby.

20180523_184324 (Medium)

20180523_191111 (Medium)

20180523_192157 (Medium)

Yesterday (Thursday) we thought we would take a drive down to Two Medicine campground.  Once there, and finding out that the snow was still being cleared, we just kept riding and looking.

Two Medicine lake  from the highway.

20180524_105403 (Medium)

And, riding we did.  All the way around Glacier NP.  Stopped in West Glacier for lunch, then headed on up to this little place.

                            20180524_141902 (Medium)

We picked up some freshly baked goodies, the decided we hadn’t gone far enough, yet.  Bowman lake was only six more miles up the road.  We were regretting our decision as we made our way over a dusty, potholed road.  But the view was worth it once we arrived.  Take your pick, I like them all.

20180524_153144 (Medium)

20180524_153235 (Medium)

20180524_153638 (Medium)

20180524_154448 (Medium)

Once back home, it was time for supper.  Horst, this one’s for you, my friend.

20180523_180649 (Medium)

Wish you were here to share the meal, experience all this beauty, and capture it in your special way….jc

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Short Move

Saturday was a mostly cloudy, dreary day in the Tetons.  After breakfast we decided to ride around the park, hoping to see a bear or two.  First off though, was a stop to take a picture of the most photographed barn in America.  Maybe the World. 

IMG_0333 (Medium)

From there it was just a short drive to a bear jam.  Lots of folks standing on both sides of the road.  A grizzly sow with two cubs.  Only problem was she had taken refuge in the edge of some trees about four hundred yards away.  All I could get on my camera was a blur.  A gentleman there was sharing his spotting scope, so we can at least say we say them.

Jackson Lake from near Colter Bay.

IMG_0348 (Medium)

We ran across another bull moose.  This one looked much the same as the one we saw near Gros Ventre.  Only difference was this one has lost lots of hair on his back, and his skin is blue.

IMG_0370 (Medium)

IMG_0377 (Medium)

IMG_0382 (Medium)

We left Gros Ventre campground Sunday morning.  The view from the campground as we were pulling out.

20180520_092144 (Medium)

And, just up the hill.

20180520_092653 (Medium)

We were on our way to West Yellowstone for a couple of nights in a rv park.  Laundry, propane, and other assorted things to attend to.  We traveled through Yellowstone, passing Grant village, Old Faithful area, and Madison Junction before exiting at West Yellowstone, MT.

There’s still lots of snow in the park.

IMG_0391 (Medium)

And, lots of Buffalo.  We encountered this small herd migrating up the highway just South of Madison Junction.

IMG_2429 (Medium)

20180520_121703 (Medium)

We eased right through them,

20180520_121718 (Medium)

But oncoming traffic was backed up for over three miles behind them as the lead driver was only following them, rather than trying to make his way slowly through.

Not much to say about West Yellowstone.  A gateway community full of T-shirt shops and lodging facilities.  We have a full hookup site with cable tv in one of the nicest facilities we’ve ever stayed at, for $35.00 a night.  Friday, it goes to $68.00 a night.  And it’s a cheaper backin……jc