"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Thursday, February 25, 2021

We're Still Kicking!!

At the time of my last post, almost two months ago, a lot, and not much, has happened.  We had plans to leave for Arizona on the fourth of January.  We were looking forward to being in different surroundings.  The desert was to be a welcome respite.

My brother in law became ill the week before Christmas.  He was thought to be in good health and figured he had a bug of some kind.  After a few days of the same, he visited the emergency room due to dehydration.  Some tests were done, he was admitted to the hospital, and passed this life on January 19th.  His death was such a shock.  Reminds one of how quickly our lives can change.

Needless to say, our travel plans were scrambled.  We cancelled the reservations we had at Kartcher Caverns, Lost Dutchman, and Organ Pipe.  Missed seeing all our Quartzsite friends for two years in a row.  

A major benefit came from staying home, though.  The state of Mississippi has done an awesome job of rolling out the covid vaccine.  Wanda and I have received both shots.  Our Governor handed the job over to our department of health, and the national guard.  A website, along with a phone number with real people to talk with, was put in place.  A few bugs the first few days, but has worked flawlessly since.  As vaccine becomes available word is spread by television and social media.  One goes to the website, or makes a call,  and picks your appointment time and location.  It's drive through, but the longest time we spent in line was around fifteen minutes.  Seeing all the car lines in some other states makes me thankful to live in  a "backward State". 😂

Once thing settled down from brother in law's passing, we wanted to go someplace.  Arizona was out of the question at that late time.  We looked around and decided on East Bank campground.  Though the address is Bainbridge, Georgia, twenty miles away, the campground is within about a mile of the Georgia, Alabama, and Florida lines.  The closest town being Chattahoochee, Florida.  It also sits within a quarter mile or so of the Eastern/Central time zone.  Our phones were constantly showing the wrong time, depending on which cell tower they was using.  We could have used better weather as it rained, and was cold with high winds most days.  We were joined there by friends from Alabama and made the best of the two days of sunshine we had.

Once back home we spent our time waiting on Spring to arrive.  We fed birds and other wildlife.

And then came the Arctic front.  The local weather folks were beside themselves.  They were talking about its coming two weeks beforehand.  More folks should have listened to them.  Thankfully, Mississippi was spared when compared to Texas.  Our part of the state had mixed conditions.  At our house it was sleet.  Almost three inches of frozen pellets of ice.  Sleet causes very little damage in the way of falling trees and power lines.  Just a few miles away it was freezing rain.  Trees and power lines down everywhere.  We never lost power, but endured four days with temperatures from 12-31*,  We had no frozen or busted pipes when it was over.  Now, we wait for our electric bill as our heat ran forever, it seemed.

                                                           That's sleet coming down.

Our driveway.
Our road.

                                                                           It's all ice.

Not happy!
We were feeding Cardinals, other small birds, and squirrels; then the black birds appeared.

We're already planning for next year, though.

                                                 Looking forward to days like these, again.

Let it snow..


That;s all our news for now.  We do plan for a few days on the road in March.  Another short trip in April, then a month long journey In May.  Plans, without them you'll never get there.....jc

Sunday, December 27, 2020

It's Almost Gone!!

2020, that is. Thankfully, the year, with all its headaches, will be history in just a few more days.  In all my years, I remember nothing to compare it to.  The Kennedy assassination, the civil rights and vietnam war demonstrations, the gasoline shortage,  9-11; nothing compares to what our Country has experienced in 2020.


 It was a year full of promise as far as travels were concerned.  There were trips after trips planned from January till October.  A herniated disc put the Arizona trip of January and February in the can.  We did attend a small gathering in Alabama the third week of March. Life was getting better.  Word was of some virus from China making its appearance in the USA. 

Just a few weeks later the Country is in lock-down.  Shortages of basic items, and threats of more.  Reservations cancelled as I prepared a garden.  At least we'll have something to eat.

We ran away from home the month of August, and once again in October.  Social distancing was actually easier on the road than at home.  Since October, we've been close to home, visiting only with family and our close neighbor.

Now that 2021 is just a few days away, we are planning to start it off on the right track.  I received word there aren't many folks hanging out in the Southwest this Winter.   Social distancing shouldn't be a problem.  

 As the sun sets on 2020,  may the year 2021 be the light at the end of the tunnel for everyone. 


Friday, October 30, 2020

Almost November!!!

 September 4th.  The date of my last blog.  I guess that says something about how exciting the past two months have been for us.  Routine doctor's appointments, dodging three hurricanes, cleaning up minor debris after two of them; not much to blog about.  Thankfully, we are still dodging the Covid mess the best we can, while still trying to live a near normal life.

Three weeks after getting back home I was heading back to Colorado.  Brother had closed the deal on a mountain cabin north of Craig, and we went to do a little remodeling on it before Winter arrived.  Two long days driving/riding to get there.  I'm getting too old for that.  We tore out some stuff,  rearranged some space to add two bedrooms and a bath, and put in the plumbing.  We had beautiful weather all week and the Aspens were showing off.  

Eight days later we were back home.  From that time till last week, not much happened exciting enough to talk about. We did get our votes in early.

We are part of a small group of friends that meet together each October.  We all met because we own molded fiberglass trailers.  Not just Casita's, but Oliver's, Scamp's, and Escapes.  That "fiberglass cult", as we are known by some.😀 

Anyway, we camp together for a week each October in different areas of the Southeast.  We've spent a week in Savannah, along with many Alabama and Georgia state parks.  Last year we agreed to visit Natchez, Mississippi for the week.  12 trailers, 23 folks; we all met at Riverview RV park in Vidalia, LA for a week.  South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, and Mississippi were represented. Missed our Tennessee friends.  There was nothing planned such as potlucks or eating out in a large group.  It was all free range.  Do what you want, with the folks you want.  Everyone appeared to have a great time. Touring the big homes, historic walking tours around the area, and enjoying the food.  Even had a hot air balloon festival going on. We had beautiful weather till the last day when rain arrived.

We watched as everyone prepared to leave on Sunday morning.  Sad to see everyone go. Some we possibly won't see again till next October.  The location has already been picked, and reservations made.  Hopefully, we all will be there, again.

I had a number of edited photos which I planned to add to this blog.  With the new Blogger, it appears that I can't easily add them from my computer, anymore.  The couple that I was able to download, I couldn't place where I wanted.  Due to that, along with the fact we aren't traveling like we used to, this very well could be the last Eggrollings  I cherish all the friends and acquaintances that we've met through the years which were a result of this blog.  Most of you are now friends on facebook, so you've seen all this, anyway. 

I'm not going away. If you take the time to post a blog, rest assured I'll be reading it.

It's been a good run; 2011-2020.....jc