"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lee’s Ferry


We departed the North Rim early, stopping in Jacob Lake for some coffee and cinnamon rolls.  We planned a stop at Lee’s Ferry to watch some of the float trips launch, as well as possibly see some Condors.  Our friends from San Antonio, Cleo and Claudia, also planned a stop.  Cleo has made ten runs through the Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry in his lifetime .  His email address is actually Riverrat@.  You Could see the want-to in his eyes as we watched the preparations taking place.  He said the rats are better looking now than when he did it.

IMG_3473 (Medium)

IMG_3478 (Medium)

One group underway, as another get further instructions.

IMG_3480 (Medium)

IMG_3484 (Medium)

Sally checked the water and said it was COLD.

IMG_3475 (Medium)

Cleo and Claudia on their way.

IMG_3486 (Medium)

We had also thought about spending the night there in the campground, but it was very warm.  A conversation with another camper who had seen no condors in four days of looking, changed our mind.  We pulled out to check the old Navaho bridge.  Sally really enjoyed the view as we pulled out of the canyon.

IMG_3494 (Medium)

IMG_3538 (Medium)

IMG_3539 (Medium)

This narrow span across the river was replaced by this one.

IMG_3536 (Medium)

It is now a pedestrian only bridge, giving outstanding views of the Colorado.  It is only a couple or three miles South of Lee’s Ferry.  Amazing how the landscape changes as the river enters Marble Canyon.

IMG_3531 (Medium)

IMG_3506 (Medium) IMG_3510 (Medium)

IMG_3511 (Medium) IMG_3515 (Medium)

If I was to take a river trip, I think I would prefer these smaller rigs to the larger boats.

IMG_3530 (Medium)

From Navaho Bridge we headed on east, with Page, AZ as our destination for the night….jc

Friday, May 30, 2014

North Rim, Grand Canyon


Though the Casita Gathering we were a part of across Southern Utah ended on Memorial Day, six rigs added the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to our agenda.  We have attempted it in the past, but weather always won out.  It was either snowing, raining, or socked in clouds.  This time, we got lucky with beautiful weather.

Our campsite.

IMG_3349 (Medium)

The clearing through the trees is actually a branch canyon.  Very beautiful, but quite a hike back up to the trailer from the rim.  Even with the beautiful site, some weren’t impressed.

IMG_3356 (Medium)

The lodge is really nice.  More modern than some due to a fire back in the 1930’s.  You can also see that the crowds are much smaller on the North Rim.  This was around 9 AM.

IMG_3359 (Medium)

IMG_3374 (Medium)

Plenty of places to take a nap, read, or just look out the windows.

IMG_3367 (Medium)

IMG_3363 (Medium)

There’s also these little Frontier cabins.  They are where we stayed with the kids back in the early eighties.

IMG_3384 (Medium)

IMG_3385 (Medium)

Brought back some great memories of a two week, 3500 mile, vacation.   Chevy Chase has nothing on me.  The only thing different from his movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation, was I didn’t have the mother-in-law.Smile

One day we took a hike.

IMG_3335 (Medium)

Scenery way too big for my little camera and lens.

IMG_3329 (Medium)

IMG_3339 (Medium)

IMG_3344 (Medium)

On the last evening I walked back down to the rim behind our site.  There was a rock outcropping there, that I sat on for an hour or so.  Must have taken a hundred different shots trying to capture the changing colors and shadows as the sun made its way down.  None were great, but a few will do.

IMG_3388 (Medium)

IMG_3397 (Medium)

IMG_3394 (Medium)

Was also hoping for a spectacular sunset, but it wasn’t to be. Still, it was a fitting end to a wonderful three days.

IMG_3458 (Medium)

IMG_3464 (Medium)

Lee’s Ferry, next……jc

Tuesday, May 27, 2014



Though we have visited Zion NP four times in the last six years, always on Memorial Day weekend, we both remarked that the drive in through the East side was a beautiful as ever.  Once in the campground though, our impression changed.  Seems most of our generation has been replaced with a far younger crowd.  Many more tents, cars, and kids, than before. Very few RV’s, even in Watchman campground.

 IMG_3226 (Medium)

Car horns constantly beeping as the doors are being locked and unlocked. Large groups at each site, some even hauling their gear in small U-Haul trailers. 

With the Memorial Day crowd being what it was, we only took one short hike on Friday Morning. Our little group.

IMG_3130 (Medium)

IMG_3123 (Medium)

It was cloudy and drippy, so not very good pictures.  I was proud of Wanda though, as she trooped right along.

IMG_3132 (Medium)

IMG_3139 (Medium)

We were in lurker mode for the most part, the rest of the weekend.  Took a couple drives outside the park.  One to Grafton, which Paul Newman made famous, and I posted about back in May, 2011.

IMG_3169 (Medium) IMG_3170 (Medium)

IMG_3173 (Medium)

The little cemetery is fascinating to me.  The hardships those people went through.

IMG_3184 (Medium)

IMG_3191 (Medium) IMG_3192 (Medium)

Also drove out to Flying Monkey Mesa.  Just google it!  Scary drive up to the top of Hurricane Mesa to see only this.

IMG_3199 (Medium)

IMG_3203 (Medium) IMG_3204 (Medium)

Was a test site for ejection seats back in the early fifties.  Now???

Anyway, we had a good weekend in Zion.  Especially the early mornings as the sun touched the peaks around us, and then slid down to brighten the valley floor.  Sally and I enjoyed that time of day the best.

IMG_3213 (Medium)

IMG_3209 (Medium)


IMG_3229 (Medium)

On to the North Rim……..jc