"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Kenai, Homer, and the Spit!

From Portage, we moved on down the Kenai Penninsula toward Soldotna, Kenai, and Homer.  We planned a stop at the Fred Meyer in Soldotna to dump the tanks, fill with water, and purchase a few groceries.  What a nightmare.  The line for the dump station snaked around the building.  We finally fulfilled our needs and made for an Alaskan recreation area called Johnson Loke.

The next day we traveled back up to the old town of Kenai.  A couple of Russian Orthodox churchs there.

20180716_114926 (Medium)

                         20180716_115308 (Medium)

A peek inside through a window.

20180716_115439 (Medium)

The most unusual thing we saw in town though, was this.  At the visitor center museum.

20180716_114019 (Medium)

20180716_114050 (Medium)

As we were leaving town, we happened upon some Dip Net Fishing.  Quite a spectacle.  Open only to Alaska residents, it involves scooping salmon out of the river with huge(6’ plus wide) dip nets.  Some with handles eight to ten feet long.

20180716_145252 (Medium)

We visited Anchor Point.

20180723_124010 (Medium)

Where they launch and recover boats with what appears to be old logging skidders.

20180719_122158 (Medium)

And, then, on to Homer.  We were able to get a prime space in the hillside city campground.  Overlooking Homer, and the spit.

20180717_201504 (Medium)

Friend checking out the view from their campsite below us.

                           20180718_172320 (Medium)

Another day a fog bank moved in over the water.

20180721_145448 (Medium)

Homer bills itself as a fishing destination.

20180719_125302 (Medium)

This picture shows that it’s a statement hard to argue with.

20180722_174416 (Medium)

We took a short boat ride to the village of Soldovia.

20180720_151330 (Medium)

20180720_191318 (Medium)

Ran into a pod of Orca’s.  Only got a couple of pictures with my phone.

20180720_122602 (Medium)

On Sunday, we moved out to the Spit.  Was able to get another awesome site.

20180722_114106 (Medium)

Right next door to the fishing hole.

20180719_074058 (Medium)

Wanda and I both purchased a one day license, but it was to no avail.  I hooked one salmon, but was unable to land it.  There were lots of them being caught, though.  Here’s a picture of one guys catch as he had just finished cleaning them in the city provided cleaning shed.

20180722_115851 (Medium)

I was so depressed that I had to have something to raise my spirits.  Here’s the tool chest for my cure.  Can you guess?

                                   20180722_170948 (Medium)

One and a half pounds of Alaskan Red King Crab.  Oh, my, it was soooo good.

20180722_171837 (Medium)

We arrived is Seward, today.  Lots of rain, fog, and drizzle.

20180724_190034 (Medium)

20180724_202237 (Medium)

Stay tuned for further developments…..jc

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We departed Denali in the rain, and it followed us all the way to Eagle River, just North of Anchorage.  Being a Sunday afternoon, we were able to get a site in Eagle River Campground, a part of ChuGach State Park.  A mother moose and baby greeted us at the check-in station, and a Black Bear passed through the campground the next morning. 

A trip to Anchorage on Monday for a look-see, then back to the campground with my prized purchase.  I even had to purchase a boiling pot for it.  I’ll let the following pictures speak for themselves.

20180709_145758 (Small)

20180709_151048 (Small) 20180709_155019 (Small)

There were quite a few museums in Anchorage, but Wells Fargo has a free one in their downtown office building.  There were a number of displays covering Alaskan history and culture.

20180710_141316 (Small)

20180710_141326 (Small)

20180710_141401 (Small)

20180710_141437 (Small) 20180710_141448 (Small)

Ship model built from bone and ivory.

20180710_141606 (Small)

Beautiful carvings and scrimshaw on Walrus Ivory.

20180710_141931 (Small)

20180710_141931.crop (Small)

A little gold nugget, found in 1964.

20180710_141621 (Small)

                                   20180710_141621.crop (Small)

There was also lots of original art, as well as historical books and journals from Alaska’s earliest days.

20180710_141823 (Small) 20180710_141806 (Small)

                                20180710_141806.crop (Small)

On another day we made a stop at Bass Pro Shops.  The prettiest one we’ve ever visited.

                        20180710_170737 (Small)

The good news being we left there without buying a thing.  I did find out a little 18’ fishing boat costs quite a bit more up here.

                             20180710_171935 (Small)

From Anchorage we made out way Southward along Turnagin Arm to Portage, and Williwaw Campground.  Our campsite was located right below Williwaw Glacier.


IMG_0915 (Small)

The campground was Located very near Portage Glacier, and Portage Lake.  The lake itself didn’t even exist until 1906 when the glacier started receding.  Now the lake is miles long, and over 600 feet deep.

A calved iceberg from the glacier grounded outside the visitor center.

20180711_122109 (Small)

We took a short cruise on the most beautiful day the area had enjoyed in weeks.

20180712_101157 (Small)

IMG_0945 (Small)

IMG_0957 (Small)

20180712_111257 (Small)

20180712_110126 (Small)

Another day found us making our way to Whittier through the two and one half mile railroad tunnel.  Built for trains, highway traffic is allowed through one way each hour.

                          20180711_143613 (Small)

                          20180711_143630 (Small)

Whitter is a rail port, located on Prince William Sound.  Lots of fishing boats call it home, also.

20180711_150652 (Small)

20180711_151655 (Small)

Williwaw campground itself is located in a temperate rain forest environment.  Glaciers abound overhead while lush ferns grow in the valley.

20180712_125740 (Small)

                     20180712_124245 (Small)

A clear snowmelt stream meets a glacial meltwater one.  Notice the difference in color?

IMG_0963 (Small)

IMG_0964 (Small)

We took a short drive to Hope, AK.  An old mining town that almost drowned after the 1964 earthquake.  Not much left, but it was a fun spot on the west side of the Turnigan Arm.

20180713_134252 (Small)

IMG_0985 (Small)

And, then, there was the Bore Tide up the Arm.  One of two places it happens in North America.

                             20180713_180328 (Small)

Surfers awaiting the wave.  Only one was able to catch it for a minute or so.

IMG_1003 (Small)

IMG_1006 (Small)

IMG_1010 (Small)

IMG_1011 (Small)

That’s all for this week.  Posting three days late due to no internet.  Thanks, Mc

donalds.  On South and West…..jc