"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Fairbanks to Talkeetna

We spent a few days in the Fairbanks area.  Visited Chena Hot Springs, but wasn’t impressed with the area other than the Ice Palace.  A building filled with Ice sculptures and other things such as a bar with a fireplace.

IMG_2836 (Small)

IMG_2809 (Small)

wedding chapel.

IMG_2805 (Small)

IMG_2822 (Small)

IMG_2829 (Small)

Found a brewery in Fairbanks that was hurting for business.  This picture was about thirty minutes after opening.

                        20180622_152537 (Small) 

20180622_162816 (Small)

From Fairbanks, we made our way southward to a little town park in Anderson.  We found plenty of mosquitos there.

                   20180623_170051 (Small)

But, there was a wedding happening on the riverbank.

20180623_175138 (Small)

We did manage to grill a salmon filet, despite the skeeters.

20180623_171648 (Small)

The next morning we started stalking Denali.  It was cloudy the next two days.  We stopped at a couple of roadside parks which overlooked the mountain, but clouds and rain prevailed.  Sitting, waiting for the mountain to appear.

IMG_2864 (Small)

One evening it cleared, but we could only get a profile.

IMG_2860 (Small)

The next morning we joined the thirty percent of those that get to see the mountain in its glory.

20180627_073113 (Small)

20180627_073451 (Small)

20180627_075050 (Small)

IMG_2875 (Small)

IMG_2891 (Small)

Next stop was Talkeetna.  Lots of stuff to see.

20180627_162146 (Small)

Climbing center for those attempting to climb Denali.

20180628_122819 (Small)

20180628_120441 (Small)

Evolution of climbing footwear.

20180628_122837 (Small)

                               20180628_123438 (Small)

Lots of museum stuff in town.  Take a guess.

20180628_133626 (Small)

                      20180628_133638 (Small)

Don Sheldon was one of the pioneer bush pilots of Alaska.

A real “swamp donkey”.

20180628_134142 (Small)

Roof top garden.

20180628_145135 (Small)

And, food.

20180628_102813 (Small)

Along with temptations.

20180628_145304 (Small)

Headed back North toward Denali National Park tomorrow….jc

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Watson Lake to Fairbanks.

I’ve taken hundreds of pictures with my two cameras, as well as my phone.  There is no way I can possibly do a separate post on all the different things we’ve seen.  What follows are an assortment of shots taken as we made our way to Fairbanks. 

First some scenery, which includes a couple of pictures of a dust storm in the Yukon.  Who would have thought the Yukon and Arizona would share those events.

20180611_194303 (Small)

20180612_094532 (Small)

20180616_130512 (Small)

20180616_143430 (Small)

IMG_2766 (Small)

A ghost town we found.

IMG_2745 (Small)

IMG_2746 (Small)

IMG_2756 (Small)

Many museums.

IMG_2689 (Small)

IMG_2702 (Small)

IMG_2785 (Small)

IMG_2787 (Small)

IMG_2789 (Small)

IMG_2798 (Small)

14 ounce gold nuggets, and gold spoons.

                       IMG_2792 (Small)

Alaska, then the end of the highway.

20180617_140217 (Small)

20180617_120535 (Small)

                         20180618_103031 (Small)

All this traveling is tiresome.

IMG_2714 (Small)

But, the shopping is fun.

                     20180619_150236 (Small)

And we’ve only been in Alaska a day…..jc

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Jasper to Watson Lake

Short and sweet.  Wifi is hard to come by on the Alaskan Highway.  Very thankful for the visitor centers along the way.  They’ve all been awesome.  The sign I’ve been looking for.

IMG_2595 (Medium)

Dawson Creek.

                         IMG_2611 (Medium)

                         IMG_2613 (Medium)

Famous curved bridge on the original road.

IMG_2621 (Medium)

Lots of rusty stuff, everywhere.

IMG_2631 (Medium)

Friends did us an Anniversary cake.

IMG_2640 (Medium)

Liard Hot Springs.

IMG_2644 (Medium)

IMG_2646 (Medium)

Dutch over pot roast one evening.

IMG_2655 (Medium)

Getting closer.

IMG_2669 (Medium)

The signpost forest at Watson Lake.

IMG_2673 (Medium)

We made a contribution, of course.

IMG_2674 (Medium)

IMG_2675 (Medium)

We’ve seen lots of wildlife.  Moose, elk, fox and other assorted species.  And, BEARS.  Black bears, Cinnamon black bears, and even a Grizzly enjoy some road kill

IMG_2637 (Medium)

IMG_2638 (Medium)

IMG_2656 (Medium)

IMG_2659 (Medium)

IMG_2600 (Medium)

IMG_2597 (Medium)

And, my favorite of all the bears.  Just sitting, enjoying the flowers.

IMG_2664 (Medium)

Wish I had the time to download the other camera, as well as my phone.  Some awesome photos on them.  Guess I’ll post them in September….jc