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Monday, February 6, 2012

Spring is Popping out all Over

004 (Large)

What’s that bright light in the pines?  Haven’t see anything like it for days.
024 (Large)

With the sunshine today, the first since last Monday, things are beginning to pop around the house.  First noticed the Jasmine blooming in a tree by the shop.
011 (Large)

Also on the fence around the yard.
039 (Large) 014 (Large)

The azalea's are just beginning to put on a show out in the woodlot.
018 (Large) 030 (Large)
015 (Large)

Lots of blue and yellow blooms scattered around also.
036 (Large)
029 (Large)

Finished the installation of the new glass on the Casita door.  Really like the way it turned out.  Hope it continues to look good.  First time I’ve tried anything like that.
001 (Large)

Hopefully, we will have a few days without rain.  Doing carpentry work the next few days.  Got to get that project done before June, or the brother will be working by himself…jc


  1. It was still cloudy today down by the coast, and you sure seem to have lots more blooming!

  2. Wow, beautiful blooms everywhere. I knew it was almost spring! We are getting a lot of rain here near San Antonio but trying not to complain since it is so needed. The window for your Casita door is beautiful too.


  3. Love the door window. Just knew it was Spring somewhere. Beaut pics.

  4. Wow-it is true that some folks throw a big shadow:)

  5. Glad to see a new blog, you confirmed my identification of what I thought was jasmine we've seen around here. We love this campground, you guys will have to check it out sometime.

  6. Hadn't had a chance to look at your blog in a while...great photo's, especially liked the Ms. Sandhill Crane NWF ones ...especially the 3rd one down on that days post...That is now on my list of places to venture to...like the glass door....glad you guys are home safe and for taking the time for the great daily blog reports...I enjoy them very much...thanks for sharing...See you down the road...Horst


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