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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farm Sitting, again.


IMG_1181 (Medium)

Our neighbor has been out of town for part of the week and we’re taking care of the farm. Their grand daughter is graduating this weekend in Texas, so they are over there for the occasion.  They look after our place when we are gone, and it is nice to be able to repay the favor.

IMG_1179 (Medium)

Besides chickens, there are goats.  Lots of them.  I think he has had over fifty kids born this Spring.

IMG_1176 (Medium)

IMG_1185 (Medium)

IMG_1186 (Medium)

Hey, Ma! ya think I’ve gained any weight?

IMG_1182 (Medium)

You can’t have that many goats without a watch”dog”, or two.

IMG_1208 (Medium)

And, there are some cattle back in there, somewhere.

IMG_1200 (Medium)

One of perks of the job are fresh eggs.  Also, the blueberries are beginning to ripen and their bush’s have more than ours.  No need to just let the birds have them while they are away.

IMG_1214 (Medium)

That’s about all that’s happening around here, at present.  Beginning to spend more time with that Atlas………jc


  1. Fresh eggs and blueberries! Nice perks for that job. :)

  2. Looks like a nice farm. Can't wait for your next adventure on the road.



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