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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still in Ft. Pickens

The last three days here at Ft. Pickens have been wonderful.  Though the weather forecast has been for rain since Monday, it has yet to show up.  A couple of light showers overnight on Tuesday is all we’ve had.  Warm temps and light winds during the day.  I decided to hike around the east end of the island this morning.  Headed due North from the campground to the bay side of the island.  The town of Pensacola and Pensacola Naval Air Station across the way.

IMG_0167 (Medium)

Destination is way down yonder.

IMG_0170 (Medium)

The first thing I came across on the beach was a headless bird of some kind.  Only a skinless neck on the body.  What’s up with that?

IMG_0168 (Medium)

A leisurely walk down to Ft. Pickens.  A few shore birds and pelicans were the only wildlife around.

IMG_0177 (Medium) IMG_0196 (Medium)

Can you see the duck?

IMG_0190 (Medium)

IMG_0191 (Medium)

Looking back.  My foot prints.

                                      IMG_0187 (Medium)

The old seawall along the West end of the island makes a great hiking path.

IMG_0197 (Medium) IMG_0207 (Medium)

A lone palm tree on the edge of the gulf.

IMG_0212 (Medium)

Caught the trail back to the campground.  Overall, about a four mile hike, if the park service signs are correct.

IMG_0217 (Medium)

Caught this guy resting along the way.

IMG_0160 (Medium)

I noticed this rig coming into the CG this afternoon.

IMG_0166 (Medium)

Another pink motorhome.  Thought it was Janna and Mike.Smile


  1. That one is rather pink isn't it! Nice hike!

  2. Love the heron picture!

    Had a wonderful time camping with you and Wanda!

  3. My favorite photos were the trail and the heron. You have made that place look so inviting that I am putting it on our don't-miss list the next time we are in Florida.

    Glad you had such a good time there!

  4. We arrived at Ft Pickent on the 3rd ... what a coincidence. Had to move to Loop C because our pedestal went on the fritz overnight. We're looking forward to enjoying the campground and what the area has to offer ... but first, we're going to relax ;-)


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