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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Green Eggs and Ham

IMG_1241 (Medium)

The picture above was taken from our campsite at Millers Ferry campground near Camden, Alabama.  This annual gathering for molded fiberglass trailers of all brands, along with a few of other manufacturing techniques, was in its third year.  We arrived last Sunday, the tenth, and spent seven fantastic days with friends, new and old.

Though we had rain Monday, and cool temps through Wednesday, it was a great week.  We had a group meal every evening beginning on Wednesday with a chili dump.  Everyone brings a pot of homemade, or a can; dumps it in the communal pot; and after a short time of simmering and stirring it becomes a quite tasty meal.

Thursday was gumbo.  Prepared each year by some dear friends from the Gulf coast, it is one of the highlights of the week. Here’s Bob getting a little instruction in proper paddle procedure.

IMG_1247 (Medium)


IMG_1288 (Medium)

The serving line.

IMG_1268 (Medium)

Another night was BBQ. 

IMG_1284 (Medium) IMG_1283 (Medium)

And of course there was the annual pot luck on Saturday.  Didn’t get any pictures of the food as there were many strange folk floating around dressed in green.

IMG_1290 (Medium) IMG_1298 (Medium)

IMG_1292 (Medium) IMG_1294 (Medium)

We also had some fine dulcimer music being played someplace each day.

IMG_1273 (Medium)

Along with plenty of laughs to keep thing from getting too serious.

IMG_1280 (Medium)

Sally found it to be a totally relaxing week.

IMG_1274 (Medium)

So did we……….jc


  1. Sounds like a fun day and some great food too!

  2. Glad it turned out so well. Looks like a happy group!

  3. Quite the crowd! Doesn't look like anyone went home hungry. Thanks for posting, Jerry. Disappointed that I won't be seeing you and Wanda at Bluebonnet.

  4. Too much fun....what better way to bring in St. Patrick's Day! Love the crowd, seated and waiting on their food :O)

  5. Great post...enjoyed the pictures.

    And a good time was had by all!

  6. GREAT sunset photo....looks like a good time was had my all...even Sally....Wanda plays the Dulcimer....WOW...I'm still trying to learn how to play and thus far its gotten the better of me....have a safe trip..Horst


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