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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Plans Change,

again and again.

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Wanda and I are blessed to be able to travel as we do.  We’re both in reasonably good health, have decent retirement plans, and no major commitments that keep us home all the time.  I (we) have entertained a number of different destinations and time periods for our travels this Summer and Fall.  First one place, then another. But nothing jelled. I had even booked us into a site in the Colorado Rockies for a month, but had to cancel it due to something happening at home during that period.

I received a call from a very dear friend week before last, inviting us to fill a cancellation on his 10 day tour of Southern Utah.  We have made this trip twice before and always enjoy the fun, fellowship, and beautiful scenery. I stuck my head in the door and asked Wanda if she wanted to go to Utah? The answer was a quick yes. We were in.

Since arriving home from Arkansas last Sunday evening, we have been unpacking, repacking, warm weather clothes, cool weather clothes, hiking boots and sun hats.

Loaded the Honda Generator along with other things in the truck. What else goes in? Bike? Kayak? Grill? Etc..  Once we leave Zion on Memorial Day we have no destination or commitment except home before June 24th.  Yellowstone? Oregon coast, again?  Or maybe just hang around Southern Utah and Colorado before heading back toward home.

Plans call for leaving this Wednesday, stopping near Quitman, TX that first night to visit with a great friend for the evening.  On to Amarillo, Albuquerque, Durango, Monticello, and Capitol Reef NP for the beginning of the tour.  All is well.

Then, last evening about seven, the phone rings.  It’s Wanda’s brother on the line.  Her mother has fallen and broken her hip.  She has been admitted to the hospital and surgery will be performed within a couple of days, depending on the clotting factor of her blood.

Plans Changed.  Wanda is in Jackson, and I spent the day unloading the truck. Put the Casita back under the shed, and arranged everything back into its storage location.  Emails and phone call have been exchanged with those we were to meet.

Are we sad that we aren’t going? yes!  Will we dwell on it? No.  We’ll be close to home for a while, until her mom is up and going.  During that time, I’ll be planning away.  What’s the next destination?


Don’t know, but aren’t we blessed to have one out there somewhere?Smile


  1. Our thoughts prayers will be with Mom hoping for a speedy recovery!

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  3. I know you are disappointed but aren't you glad that your fitness and retirement make you able to be there for family?

  4. I hope Wanda's mother has a perfect recovery from her fall. Take care of her, parents are valuable folks in our lives.

    1. Thank you, Barney. Nothing wrong with your first post. The top photo is from the Burr Trail out from Boulder, UT; and the bottom is the beginning of the auto tour road in Capitol Reef NP. I highly recommend the area if you haven't visited there...

    2. Thank you Jerry but after I read your entire entry it seemed inappropriate for the recent circumstances. I have been in both places years ago but did not recognize them. Looks like it is time for a return visit.

  5. Sorry you're missing out on a Utah summer but so glad you could be there for Wanda's mother.

  6. Our prayers are with all of you and may Wanda's Mother make a speedy and full recovery.....take care my Friend..Horst

  7. We are blessed to be able enough to be where we need to be when times change--we will keep Wanda's Mom in our prayers.

  8. As Paul Dahl would say, it's great to be Semper Gumby. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Wanda's mom.

  9. That's not what you want to hear when you pick up the phone...but I understand the need to be there to help with the recovery as that's what we do for our family for sure. I hope she gets good care in the hospital and healing comes easier and faster than expected. Blessings...to all of you!

  10. Will be thinking of both of you and the mom. Prayers said for her healing and fast recovery.

    You are both young enough to have lots of traveling days in the future.


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