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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank a Veteran, Today!


I started my day at the local National Guard Armory.  Each year the local Exchange Club, of which I’m a member, does a pancake breakfast for all our Veterans.  All one has to do is show up, grab a plate of pancakes and sausage, their drink of choice, and have a seat.  It has always been so interesting to listen to the table conversation of those warriors.  Most of the Greatest Generation always had stories.  Nothing dramatic. Seemed they still didn’t like to talk about the bad things.  It was always stories about Joe or Bob, or somebody else they fondly remembered.  How he did some crazy something or another, and got them out of some kind of fix.  The tables would be full of laughter, most times.

Sadly, the numbers are dwindling down each year.  Those members of the Greatest Generation are getting fewer and fewer.  The person they shared a story with last November has gone on to his reward.

There are still millions of Veterans out there that served our Country.  Some fought in battles just a raw and bloody as those of WWII.  Others served and never left the United States.  All deserve a thank you today for what they did, and are still doing.

So, make it a point to thank at least one Veteran today for the sacrifice, however large or small, they gave for their Country.


  1. Good post!! Yes, the numbers are shrinking from The Greatest Generation but we owe so much to each generation of vets. My father was a part of The Greatest Generation and I must say they were a very unique group...hard workers, no complaints just got in there and did the job. Happy Veterans Day!!

  2. Jerry, thanks for the very moving tribute to the Greatest Generation, and to the veterans of all the intervening conflicts. Their sacrifices are greatly appreciated.

  3. What a wonderful tradition.

    You are right, it's too sad - the people who sacrificed so much for us should live forever.

  4. Great post.....thanks for sharing your tribute to the local Veterans.....Horst sends

  5. As always... you said it JUST RIGHT!

  6. Great post! My dad and my step father was/is part of the greatest generation and WW2 verterans.

    We spent Veterans day entertaining two of our favorite veterans...look for a blog post soon!


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