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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Work! A four letter word.


Our first week after returning home was consumed by all the little things which get behind during one’s time away from home.  The second week, things picked up.

Our daughter and SIL, which had a home near us, are moving to Natchez, MS.  SIL received a promotion with his job, but it involved a move.  They were house hunting before we left for the Winter, but didn’t decide on one until we were far away in the Big Bend area of Texas. 

They found a deal on a home in a great section of Natchez.  Only one problem. The house had no fence, and they have three dogs.  Two dachsunds, and a boxer.    No problem; we’ll call the fence company and have them put one up.Smile

You probably know where this is going.  Dad, do you know how much they want to build a little fence?  It’s not even all privacy fence!  Do you think you and Uncle Charles could build it for us?

I did build a chain link fence around our old home way back in 1977, but that was my experience with fence building.  But, I figured if we could build a house, we could build a fence.  Pic’s from my phone.

20160302_154741 (Medium)

20160302_154813 (Medium)

20160302_154821 (Medium)

The plan was to put chain link fencing along the back side where it was pretty much out of sight.  When picking up the fence fabric, I was pleasently surprised to see that it was “Made in USA”.  Norman, Oklahoma to be exact.

We unrolled three rolls, stiched them together, and started to stretch it.  Imagine my “not so pleasent” expression when I saw this.

20160307_132814 (Medium) 20160307_133810 (Medium)

See it?  Two of the three rolls had a manufacturing defect.  The stitching machine had missed a few stitches.  Needless to say, that caused much frustation with having to lay the wire back down, restitch the defects by hand, and start back over. So much for the Made in USA.

We did persevere.

20160307_161131 (Medium)

All that work called for margarita, or two.

                              20160306_160524 (Medium)

We finished up yesterday, ahead of all the rain.  Gates and all, and it looked really good.  We even had someone stop by and ask for our business card.  They wanted a new fence.Smile


  1. What a great dad! What a great Margarita glass!

  2. Nice Work...if you have an extra business card, can you send it this way :)) hope the current storms are not causing tooooo much havic...Horst sends

  3. I hope they at least smiled when they asked you to do all that work:)

  4. Nice fence. Is it true that Trump is interested in having you build a big one?

  5. Dutchman gave me my first laugh of the day!!

    Stay off I-10 if you are traveling this weekend....what a nightmare in LA.


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