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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Catching Up!


As we now find ourselves in much different scenery, it’s time for a catchup post.  Hasty, Colorado looks nothing like Taylor River country.

20160830_161001 (Medium)

Before departing Rosy Lane we made a couple of other rides and hikes.  One was to the old mining town of Tin Cup.  A visit to the cemetery surprised a family of Moose.  Hey, Dad.   Aren’t you coming?

IMG_0506 (Medium)

IMG_0507 (Medium)

IMG_4410 (Medium)

A beautiful location for a cemetery.

IMG_0520 (Medium)

Unusual high fencing.  I guess it’s to keep the Moose out.

IMG_0522 (Medium)

Lots of newer graves, also.  Must have been a hiker.

IMG_0517 (Medium)

We ran into a hail storm returning from Mirror Lake.

IMG_4464 (Medium)

Hail covered, gravel road.  You should have seen my truck.

IMG_4465 (Medium)

We saw another Moose cow and calf.

IMG_4484 (Medium)

IMG_4485 (Medium)

While I was out on a hike, a black bear entered our campground.  Apparently it was making its way up the canyon, and the campground just happened to sit between the river and the highway.  Sally charged it, jerking the leash from Wanda’s hand. Thankfully, the bear ran off.  The picture was taken by someone else in the campground just before Sally spotted it.

sally's bear

It was an exciting eight days at Rosy Lane campground.  We were sad to part ways with these two.  We had a lot of fun together.

IMG_0526 (Medium)

Sunset from Gunnison, taken by Jim.

IMG_4491 (Medium)

Now, it’s on the the heat of the Kansas Prairie. A report on that to come in the future……jc


  1. What fun you are having. Tell Sally not to do that anymore. Whew!

  2. Whew--glad the bear left. The only bear Emmi has seen caused her to turn tail and run!

  3. Sally..." Bear Hunter"...love it...what a great trip...safe travels back...Hopefully I will know leave by the 16th...Horst sends

  4. A gorgeous place and love seeing the wildlife but rather scary to have Sally charging bears.


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