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Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1


It’s hard to believe that December has arrived.  The weather has been more like September.  I took a ride to town today and took notice of our few hardwood trees.  They are just now showing off their colors.  When you live in the land of pine trees, it is always fun to see a flash of yellow or red.

I took a few pictures through the windshield with the point and shoot.

IMG_0654 (Medium)

IMG_0656 (Medium)

IMG_0657 (Medium)

IMG_0658 (Medium)

IMG_0661 (Medium)

I still had the camera in my pocket as I walked out to the mailbox this afternoon, our sideyard looked to be glowing.

IMG_0664 (Medium)

IMG_0667 (Medium)

We have been under a burn ban for the last couple of months.  The storms of the past week have brought us much needed rain, and the ban was terminated yesterday.  I have two large piles of fallen pine limbs, as well as a downed tree which was hit by lightning.  Tomorrow, I’ll be doing what most men love.

Playing with Fire…..jc


  1. My first thought when I viewed your photos, "that road leads to town?" Just realizing how rural it is there!
    We are 17 inches short of average yearly rainfall after receiving 5 1/2 inches this week. Glad you are getting the much needed rain. Hope it is our turn soon.

  2. NICE!!....Country roads are the best...Horst sends

  3. P&S cameras are good to have on hand, so glad you had yours with you to share these photos. I do miss the glorious NH fall colors but do love FL. Looks like you live in a very special part of the world! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful colors you will not find in the southwest desert. Well done,


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