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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Full Circle

Wednesday, May 16th., of this year found us in Vedauwoo campground just East of Laramie, Wy.  Upon arrival, I felt that our Alaskan journey had finally begun.

20180516_171006 (Small)

Today, September 5th, we’re back at Vedauwoo.  We could have even gotten the same site, but the wind was high and we settled on a site behind the rocks pictured above.

20180905_144709 (Small)

Sixteen weeks since we were here. One week short of four months on the road in the Casita.  There were so many things to blog about, and that was part of the problem.  There was too much.  Maybe, after being home for a period of time, I’ll fill in the gaps.  the following is a very short snapshot of our last three weeks.

We departed Hyder under beautiful blue skies, and traveled to Smithers, British Columbia.  The plan was to spend most of a week making our way to the border crossing North of Bellingham, Washington.  Departing Smithers the next morning, it was still beautiful weather.  We had only traveled fifty or so miles before this is what it looked like through our dirty windshield.

20180818_082455 (Small)

20180818_082459 (Small)

We thought that we might get out of it if we kept driving.  When darkness fell, it became even harder to see, so we called it a night.  We were within a hundred miles of the border, so we made the crossing the next day around noon.  Easiest crossing of the trip.  Where you guys been?  Alaska and Canada!  Welcome back home….

We left home with three campground reservations.  Banff, Jasper, and Denali.  Never had a problem finding a place to spend a night, or week.  Imagine our surprise when we arrived in Bellingham, and there was no place to stay.  No vacancies anywhere.  State parks, RV parks, NPS and NFS all full. We tried the local casinos and found signs posted of no overnight parking.  We even tried a KOA, which I avoid all all costs.  Nothing.  The lady at the KOA said it was just a normal weekend in the Northwest.  She didn’t even have a place I could park for the night.  She was kind enough to recommend a casino about forty miles South that allowed RV parking overnight, and that’s where we landed.  Too tired to even use our $15.00 of free slot play for registering.

The smoke was still with us.  This is a shot of the sun on the “clear” morning we left the casino.

20180819_075758 (Small)

It was sunday, so we headed for Mt. Ranier national park, hoping to get a first come campsite.  We were lucky and found one just as the folks were leaving.

                                20180819_143202 (Small)

Beautiful, huge trees, but still smoke.

                       20180820_150120 (Small)

Mt. Ranier.

20180820_135203 (Small)

We kept traveling every couple of days, but couldn’t escape the smoke.

Mt. Saint Helens.

20180821_143443 (Small)

Mt. Hood, in Oregon.

20180822_183739 (Small)

We finally got a break from the smoke as we neared Salem, Oregon.  Spent a couple of days just enjoying the sunshine with no smell of the fires.

20180823_144040 (Small)

We made our way to the Oregon coast and had a wonderful week of clear weather.

20180825_120636 (Small)

20180825_105722 (Small)

20180825_122419 (Small)

Astoria Column.

                                  20180830_105118 (Small)

20180830_114244 (Small)

20180830_122939 (Small)

Exploring tidepools.

20180901_104035 (Small)

20180901_103959 (Small)

20180901_102542 (Small)

We left the Oregon coast early Monday morning.  Two five hundred mile days behind us.  We’re heading to Kansas from Vedauwoo.  The Kansas Gathering of fiberglass trailer owners, and friends.  We’ve been numerous times in the past, and I’ve blogged about each one.  I doubt there will be anything new to say about the area.  Looking forward to seeing many old friends, and making a few new ones….jc


  1. Thank you for the trip. I enjoyed every post.

  2. So nice to run into you in Homer and Seward! Safe travels!

  3. A most enlightening and enjoyable trip.....for me. The next best thing to being there. Very informative and the photo's were all great, and a real plus in explaining the area. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us, especially with the limited internet. Enjoy the Gathering and safe travels Home. Thanks Buddy. Horst sends

  4. Congrats on a great trip. It is one of those trips of a lifetime:))

  5. WOWIE! You've done some serious mileage. As always, superb photos. Lived with you two throughout your adventure, especially the Oregon coast, one of my frequent old stomping grounds.
    Have fun at the gathering,


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