"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Go,or not Go!! Therein lies the question.

Most of the places we've spent a night, or more, in the Casita. Excluding Canada and Alaska.
Way back last Fall, before anyone had even dreamed of a pandemic, demonstrations, riots, etc; which make up all the news today, we planned a trip.  Friends were picking up their new Escape trailer in British Columbia and we were going to meet them in Montana.  Reservations were first made in Yellowstone, then Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon, Ouray, Durango, and Pagosa Springs.  This was the first time we were to travel with a schedule, but our friends like knowing in advance where they're going to be and we were fine with that.  We were going to spend part of our long hot Summer in the Rockies.  What a treat.

Now we are faced with the reality of today.  The virus appears to have the Country in major turmoil.  One doesn't know what, or whom, to believe.  Stay home, don't travel; but send the kids to school so they can bring it home to mom and dad, or worse Grandma and Gramps?   Way too complicated for me to figure out.  Wanda and I believe we are in good health for our age.  No major medical issues to speak of, but we sure don't want the virus.

That brings me to the question(s) that keeps popping up in my head.  Glacier has already been cancelled due to most of the park still closed down, especially the East side.  Reservations for a week in Yellowstone, and all the rest, are still valid as of today.  Should we go?  What if we get within a hundred miles of the park and they shut it down.  What about Colorado, where we plan to spend most of August?  What's their plan? 

I retired in 2008, and this is the longest period of time since then that we've been home.  I'm itching to get on the road again.

Should we go? That's the question.....jc


  1. Same questions I am fighting since last April here in Del Rio, Tx wanting to get to the grandkids in north
    Alabama. I can get there but the medical forecast keeps saying that I might not want to be there. My son and I talked and he thinks I need to wait this last mess out for a bit more. He is likely right. At least I am in a pretty decent location except for the high heat. Good luck with your choice.

  2. Things are super busy--USFS campgrounds, trails for ATV riding--but it seems you can still find somewhere to be.

  3. Tough choices! As you know, I've been out but it's been boondocking with the Subaru which gives me lots of options if I can get enough elevation to keep cool. Rules change state by state, with a couple not very welcoming - even if it's just for fuel. Meanwhile, the Scamp hasn't been out of the garage since it got home in February. :-(

  4. It is certainly a tough time to be on the road:(

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  6. No easy answers my friend...I suppose if you could be assured of dispersed camping, left home with enough provisions except for gas and water, etc..but does that solve all the concerns or is it tantamount to moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic... like you said you don't have a lot of control of the variables
    of the different areas you're wanting to go to.

    Having said all this, I still want to take a trip up to Lincoln County NM sometime in August..but it will depend on how things are going here..Not going to leave Janet here to deal with this stuff by herself. As John said.."Tough choices"... comfort level vs risk factors?...Take care Buddy...Horst sends

  7. Same here. I'm staying put for now and hoping the road opens up soon.

  8. Looks like a complicated journey ahead. I googled Colorado and came up with a huge variety of rules and stuff. But, knowing you two, the horizon calls. Since you are going, please be safe and enjoy your journey. I am looking forward to your blog entries.

  9. Hey! It worked this time. never mind preview, just hit publish. K.I.S.S. principle.

  10. Looking forward to reading about your journey. I’m sure it will one to remember.

  11. praying for safe travels for yall


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