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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Florida? warm! NOT!!


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With the temperature near thirty and the wind out of the North at 25 miles an hour, the only thing to do is point your beak into the wind and hang on.  Seems every snag had a heron of some kind sitting on it this morning, hunkered down, not wanting to fly in the wind.

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That pretty much was the pattern of our day, also.  We found a nice warm place to spend the day.  The Naval Air Museum in Pensacola.  No pictures, as I blogged about it last year, but it was still a fantastic place to spend most of the day.  I don’t think you could absorb everything there if you spent a week.  Highly recommend it if you are ever anywhere in the area.

About dark we built a campfire at a friends site and had a chili dump for the evening meal.  Everyone brings a can or pot of chili of some kind, dumps it in the larger pot and after mixing and heating for a while, everyone has a bowl or two.

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A great way to fight the chill on a cold evening. 

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It wasn’t long before a full moon showed up to the East.  By then most everyone was ready to give in to the cold and head for their trailers.  Forecast to be near freezing again tonight.  Hopefully warmer temps for tomorrow…..jc

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  1. That fire sure looks inviting. So does the chili.

  2. Sounds like the weather we've been having around here. It'll warm up some eventually.

  3. Loved the photos, especially the camp fire with the big pot on it and the moon!

    So sorry you are having nasty weather. That's the reason I wimped out on going to the rally. I was afraid it might be like that.

    Hope it warms up soon so you have a few days to enjoy the outdoors there.

  4. Looks like a bunch of insane people! .......I can say that because I'm one of them.


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