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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mt. Magazine State Park, AR


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About halfway between Havana and Paris, you will find Magazine Mountain.  Magazine Mountain State Park encompasses the peak, which is also the highest point in Arkansas.  The park includes a huge lodge sitting on the very edge of the mountain.

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The view to the South from the lodge.

IMG_1679 (Medium)

The campground is located near the Northern edge of the mountain, with views such as these just a couple hundred yards from our site.

IMG_2160 (Medium)

IMG_2149 (Medium)

Lots of places to sit and ponder many of life's questions.

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The weather has been awesome.  We drove through some heavy rain on Monday morning as we were leaving Texas, but it had cleared by the time we got here.  Actually needed a long sleeve to sit out Monday evening.  So far, the high each day has been in the low eighties with a light breeze.  We could have slept with the windows open each night except for smoke from a neighboring campfire.  This is definitely the coolest spot in Arkansas.

Sally and I have gotten in a couple of hikes so far.

IMG_2176 (Medium) IMG_2177 (Medium)

IMG_2182 (Medium)

We even made it to the summit, and signed the register.

IMG_2185 (Medium)

IMG_2187 (Medium)

There’s been a couple of so-so sunsets since we’ve been here. Still waiting for the good one.

IMG_1653 (Medium)

IMG_1661 (Medium)

And, back to that highest mountain in Arkansas thing. I think I’ve stumbled upon another goal for life, maybe.

IMG_2188 (Medium)

One down, forty eight to go. I’m not going to Hawaii…Smile


  1. What a noble goal - nothing but peaks now in your life!

  2. Wow! I AM going there. Mighty nice! Reckon you will go back with me?

  3. Those old mountains are beautiful. I'm surprised at the comfortable temperatures at that low an elevation.

    Maybe it's time we think about heading back to Arkansas!

  4. Now you have another good reason for an Alaska trip! Your pictures are beautiful!

  5. Mount Magazine is a day trip for us and we love to take a Sunday drive up on the mountain and have lunch at the lodge. I love to drive up and just look off the mountain into the valley. And the lodge is gorgeous. I love the views and the food is pretty good too.

    We haven't camped on the mountain. Since it is so close and wagging a big old fifth wheel up there when it is such a short drive isn't really practical. We do like going to Lake Fort Smith State Park for quick camping trips. Both parks are newer parks and the facilities are really great.

    I am so glad you are enjoying our beautiful state. There are lots of things to do and places to see. Fort Smith has a Judge Parker's Courthouse. He was known as the hanging judge and if you saw True Grit the name will be familiar. Van Buren has a quaint historical downtown and it is just across the river. The Corps of Engineer Park at Barling, Springhill Park, is a nice place to stay to get out and see the sights around the area.

    Safe travels.
    The Arkansas Travelers

  6. OHHH and I don't think I am climbing the highest peak in Montana either, almost 13,000 feet!!!

  7. ....another GREAT find....those are "gallery" quality sunset photo's....I'm enjoying the ride!!!....Safe Journey..Horst

  8. Perfect find in Arkansas....views and cool breezes! Can't beat that!

  9. Love the red photos! Glad that you all are having a good trip.


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