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Monday, June 24, 2013

Mt. Magazine to Home.

IMG_1704 (Medium)

Our last evening at Mount Magazine, I was able to catch a couple of nice sunset shots. Those of you that have followed my blog for a while know I love to take pictures of sunsets. I just enjoy seeing what I can capture of God’s paintings in the sky.  These two shots are straight from the camera with no adjustments whatsoever, other than resizing to allow faster downloading.

IMG_1715 (Medium)

It was quite a show for some time, and made us want to stay up on that mountain for a few more days.

IMG_1722 (Medium)

But, it was not to be.  On Thursday we moved about a hundred miles East, and nine hundred feet down in elevation.  Our new home for three days was Maumelle COE park near Little Rock.  We were there to visit with friends participating in a local hot air balloon event.  To say it was a little warmer would be an understatement.  We did a balloon glow on Friday evening.

IMG_2197 (Medium)

As it was the longest day of the year, the glow didn’t start till nearly nine.  Lots of folks came out to enjoy the festivities.

IMG_2199 (Medium) IMG_2201 (Medium)

There was even some royalty in the crowd.  Participants in the Miss Teen America.

IMG_2202 (Medium) IMG_2203 (Medium)

We recruited some help from the crowd,

IMG_2206 (Medium)

and got all of them up and ready for a little light show.

IMG_2209 (Medium)

Wicked was there, as well as the Little Brown Monkey.

IMG_2208 (Medium) IMG_2211 (Medium)
2013-06-21 20.44.29 (Medium)

Rain put a damper on most of the event for Saturday, and we moved on down to Farmerville, LA on Sunday. We had plans to spend the night at the home of another dear Casita friend.  She has a home on Lake D’Arbonne. We enjoyed an afternoon of porch time overlooking the lake, had a wonderful dinner, and watched the super moon as it rose across the lake.

IMG_1773 (Medium)

I was hoping to get some good pictures, but as I retrieved my tripod out of the truck I realized I didn’t have my camera mount.  It was back at home on a spotting scope.  I guess I need to get more than one if I’m going to use the same tripod on different devices.  Anyway, here’s a couple of hand held.  It was really awesome.

IMG_1797 (Medium)

IMG_1800 (Medium)

We departed for home this morning, arriving shortly after noon.  A great nine days or so on the road, visiting with some awesome friends along the way.


  1. Never even got to see that super moon...too cloudy. Looks neat.

  2. Loved your pictures! Superb!
    Glad you had agreat road trip.

  3. What a group of terrific photo's... don't ask me to pick a favorite...sorta like watching the Ms USA pageant...lol...you did well...and I went out for two nights to get the super moon and both night cloud cover nixed it....oh well....Appears to be another successful Casita adventure!...safe travels Horst

  4. SUPER MOON....can't ever tire of those sunrise and sunset photos! Looks like your surrounded by sweet friends....enjoy!

  5. Beautiful pics!!! I'm with you, I never get tired of great sunsets or sunrises.
    I am happy to report that Mike and I have found and purchased a Casita!! We will be joining the "egg" family!! We've been looking for quite some time but never was able to catch one any place near our location. We finally found one in Cincinnati, Ohio from a gentleman named Bob Weddington (Bob & Bev). It is a Liberty Deluxe, looks to be in great condition with more than a few upgrades. We are excited!! Can't wait to actually "camp" again!! So if all goes well we will be picking it up in a week or so. Gonna have to get the blog going again!!

  6. Fantastic all the way around. Yes sir Magazine Moutain is on my list of places to go. Pics are perfect. You are right about viewing what God paints. Glad your trip was good. Very happy you spent part of the time with me.

  7. God's painting in the sky. Thomas Kinkaide had the title "Painter of Light" but one look at that beautiful sky shows who the real one is!

    Your moon shots were fantastic!

    And what fun the balloon get-togethers must be!

  8. We really enjoy balloon flights. You have some great moon shots. I tried to get a few Sunday night, but we had clouds and heavy humidity:(


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