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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Terrible Tragedy.


As Wanda and I sat on the porch this morning, enjoying our coffee in the cool breeze, I found a large lump in my throat as I read about the nineteen young firefighters that lost their lives yesterday.  Nothing can compare to the pain their families are feeling.  Please keep those families in your thoughts and prayers.


Granite Mountain Hotshots crew member Andrew Ashcraft, a husband and father of 4 is one of the 19 fallen.

If you feel a need to do something more, here’s a link.



  1. Thanks for your post, Jerry. We're thousands of miles away but this one hits close to home with several family members and friends involved in volunteer emergency service roles.

  2. Thanks for the link....Horst

  3. Thank you for the link, Jerry. Such an awful tragedy when we lose the best of the best.

  4. Yes, thanks for the link!! We should all be so thankful for every day the good Lord allows us to enjoy!! Never take one breath for granted.

  5. Rarely has a tragedy impacted me personally like the loss of those firefighters.

    Thanks for the link.


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