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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It’s a Blue House


IMG_2387.2222 (Large)

As the Egg hasn’t been doing any rolling the last couple of months, it made for lots of time for house building.  We usually worked on it at least four days a week.  Finished the outside siding, primed all the raw wood, and got it painted. The pictures were taken on two different days. One cloudy and dull, the other was bright sun.

IMG_2364 (Medium)


All the sheetrock finished. and the subfloor screwed down.  Air conditioning system also installed and will be working within a few days.

IMG_2376 (Medium)

Cabinets built in kitchen and bathroom, along with outlets and switches being installed.

IMG_2381 (Medium)

IMG_2383 (Medium)

Step stringers were cut out and installed with some temporary treads.  Sure beats a concrete block.

IMG_2380 (Medium)

We have had lots of rain the past three weeks or so, but thankfully we had completed most of the outside before it arrived.

The power company finally showed up to set a pole and connect our meter.  Our old generator was mighty glad to see them.  Some have asked why we didn’t get a temporary service pole so we would have power from the beginning.  The power company charges to provide the temporary service, and then charges again to move it to the house.  Just didn’t want to pay them twice.

With all that work behind me, I hope we can get the Casita back on the road this weekend.  Wanda’s moms situation is improving daily, and we plan to hear for Crockett, Texas on Saturday.  There’s a gathering of fiberglass trailers near there which we have registered for.  Really looking forward to seeing that little white trailer in my rear view mirror, again.  Also looking forward to seeing lots of friends again.

From there? Who knows???……jc


  1. The house looks great!! Glad to hear you guys will be rolling down the road very soon. Hope you have a safe trip and lots of fun!!

  2. Dang that's a good looking little home. You done do good there Jerry. We heading out Sat for our new home.

  3. Looks great! Time to come our way. See you soon.

  4. NICE....and the color really sets it off....I'm Looking forward to your new adventure..and those fantastic sunset photo's..Have a safe trip..Horst sends

  5. You sure do build nice looking houses!

  6. Just beautiful! Lv that blue...
    We had to return to Decatur, Jerrys dad in ICU ... Travels will have to continue later for us. I know what you mean about trailer in your rear view mirror...Lv it!

    1. sorry to hear of your bad news. Hope everything works out and recovery is swift. Will be thinking of ya'll.

  7. Blue is my favorite color and that shade of blue on your new little home is perfect. Happy and safe travels to you.

  8. What a beautiful little home it is turning out to be!

    And I'm tickled that you will get to see the Casita in your rear view mirror soon!

  9. It is going up fast! Looks like it is going to be a very comfy place:)

  10. Very nice house! I am so impressed! And blue is my favorite color.

    Stay safe in your travels...and have a blast!

  11. Thanks for all the comments. The little house isn't fancy by any means, but it was fun to build. Already getting calls from potential renters. We're taking a break. Brother headed off to Colorado for an elk hunt. We should have it completed by Thanksgiving, hopefully.

  12. That house is shaping up quite nicely. I planned two trips for our Casita today. Going to Perry Oklahoma for a blacksmith meeting middle of Oct and to Steelville Missouri for 2 music shows the last weekend in Oct. I'm sure we will need the heater by then. Thanks for your nice comments tonight!

  13. Quite a nice little house. I'm hoping to get out in the RV myself this week.

  14. Your house looks very peaceful, particularly in the first picture. I guess that’s the appeal created by the combination of blue siding and earthy environment; warm and peaceful. Also, it’s a relief that everything has been finished before the rain. It'd be such a disappointment if this beauty would just be defaced by rainwater.

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

  15. I agree with you, Nelson. It can be darn frustrating if everything you was for nothing. But anyway, this is such a beautiful house in the middle of the woods!

    Sarai @EdmundsGeneralContracting.com

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