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Saturday, September 28, 2013


Though we didn’t get very far Friday, it was thrilling just to be on the road again.  We only made it as far as Natchez State Park.  Our oldest daughter lives in Natchez and today is her birthday.  We wanted to visit with her on her special day. The park fit the bill, nicely.

IMG_1844.1 (Medium)

Located a few miles North of Natchez, and just off the Natchez Trace, it was a great stop for the evening.

The  old Natchez District is home to many ghost towns and settlements.  Just a few miles from the park can be found the towns of Stanton and Church Hill.  Nothing in Stanton now but a few old store buildings and an abandoned railway right of way.

IMG_1840.1 (Medium) 

IMG_1841.1 (Medium) 

IMG_1895.1 (Medium)

Church Hill is much the same.  Home to the oldest Episcopal church in Mississippi, there’s nothing left but an abandoned store and the church building, itself.

IMG_1848.1 (Medium)

IMG_1873.1 (Medium)

IMG_1869.1 (Medium)

IMG_1853.1 (Medium)

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The last time I was here, you could get into the building, but it’s all locked up, now.  Peeks through the windows show pews, organ pipes, and unique reflections in the old glass.

IMG_1857.1 (Medium) IMG_1855.1 (Medium)

IMG_1866.1 (Medium)

Lots of old graves going back to the early 1800’s, and many unusual monuments to folks from all over.

IMG_1858.1 (Medium)

IMG_1865.1 (Medium)

IMG_1863.1 (Medium)

I wonder what inspired a native of Sweden to travel to Church Hill, where he died in 1850 at the age of 38, and had a monument erected by a friend.

IMG_1860.1 (Medium)

Andrew Jackson probably walked these steps many times during his visits to the Natchez area.  He married his beloved Rachel at a plantation just up the road from here, creating the first White House scandal. 

IMG_1872.1 (Medium)

Also in the same area, and down a winding country road, stands Emerald Mound.

IMG_1893.1 (Medium)

IMG_1877.1 (Medium)

Quite a pile of dirt to be built a basket full at a time. It towers above the surrounding area.

IMG_1886.1 (Medium)

IMG_1887.1 (Medium)

IMG_1891.1 (Medium)

Nothing really special about any of the places.  Just a way to spend a couple of hours before supper. But if you look closely, and listen quietly, you can imagine the dreams and visions of those that created them.  Some fulfilled and some denied. 

On to Texas…….jc


  1. Maybe I'll get to enjoy those sights if I ever get out of Minnesota. Bayou Cocodrie is about 15 miles from Natchez.

    1. We'll come over and give you the dime tour after you get settled in your digs.

  2. Love it, a place Mike and I should visit and explore!! Love history and all that shaped our country/lives!!
    Enjoy your time with the daughter and travel safe!!

  3. Love it, a place Mike and I should visit and explore!! Love history and all that shaped our country/lives!!
    Enjoy your time with the daughter and travel safe!!

  4. How did I miss it.....I've stayed at the River View Rv Park 3 times and and never came across Stanton and Church Hill..I guess a reason to go back...besides the "Balloon Fest"... Glad you got to go on a adventure....Safe Journey...Horst sends

  5. I loved the visit back into the mists of time where we can only imagine the lives, hopes and dreams of those who have gone on.

    So odd to see such a beautiful church abandoned. Somehow, abandoned towns just speak of times that moved on past them. With the abandoned church, more seems lost.

  6. I didn't realize there were ghost towns on the Natchez Trace. Nice photos. Makes me wanna go back and do the entire length.

  7. I really yearn for that trail. Boy you sure captured the beauty. Cant wait to get going again some day soon...maybe we can take that route! Have fun!

  8. Happy that you are back on the road! Imagine that it feels real good to be "rolling" again. Loved the pictures....can't figure out how you make the ordinary look so incredible!

    Stay safe and and say "hi" if you see anyone we know!

  9. Lots of character in that old store, great church as well. Sometimes it's the little things that make a trip fun.

  10. Thanks for all the comments and well wish's.


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