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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Still waiting on Fall to arrive;

and a housing report.

Our weather continues to be warm for the time of year.  We had some severe weather a couple of weeks ago that brought down a ton of pine tree limbs and trash. The yard looked like it did after hurricane Isaac, last year. It took Wanda and I two days of raking and burning to get the place cleaned up again.

IMG_2045.1 (Medium)


Though we had our first frost this past week, the  trees haven’t seemed to notice.  A willow next to the neighbors pond.

                               IMG_2116 (Medium) 

And as you can see from the next picture, we could definitely use some rain.

IMG_2120 (Medium)

Fall azaleas are still doing well.

IMG_2112 (Medium) IMG_2113 (Medium)

As well as our hydrangea's.

IMG_2129 (Medium)

IMG_2124 (Medium) IMG_2131 (Medium)

IMG_2126 (Medium) IMG_2130 (Medium)

On another front, I’ve had a few questions on how the house building was coming along.  I guess it’s doing pretty good.  From the blueprint,

floorplan (Large)

to this in 90 days or so isn’t too bad.

IMG_2136 (Medium)

Living room and kitchen area.

IMG_2139 (Medium)

IMG_2141 (Medium)

Kitchen cabinets which we built from scratch.  Had to take off a couple of doors to install the dishwasher.  I love those quick disconnect, hidden hinges.

IMG_2155 (Medium)

Bedroom 1.

IMG_2144 (Medium) IMG_2145 (Medium)

Bedroom 2.

IMG_2148 (Medium) IMG_2149 (Medium)


IMG_2146 (Medium)

Back porch.

IMG_2154 (Medium)

We still have a couple days work left to be done.  The front porch rail needs painting, and the dryer hookups have to be installed.  A couple of specialty outlet covers which are being difficult to locate in our limited shopping area. I’m sure there are a few more things which will crop up.  Always is, but the end is in sight.

I think the new Weyerhaeuser forester is going to be very happy with his new living arrangements.


  1. That house looks very nice. Can you say what a place like that would cost a buyer?

  2. Those pictures certainly don't look like fall...more like spring or summer!! Not to worry, it will come or we'll just jump right over to winter :-)
    The house looks great!! Yes, I think he will be very pleased with his new house!!

  3. Those hydrangea's are beautiful! So is the house.

  4. Super build on the house....and those hydrangea's are really healthy looking...BTW...nice photo's...Horst sends

  5. Flowers still blooming???? Great photos Jerry and nice job on the new house!

  6. Finally! I have been so curious as to who would be living in the house! You should be proud.

    Loved the flower pictures!

  7. What a showcase you've built....has to make your heart pound! Those flowers are truly a masterpiece....what a beautiful capture you shared!


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