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Thursday, January 30, 2014

For The Birds


That has been the sentiment around our part of the World, the past few days.  Seems the birds, and other wildlife, are about the only things moving since Tuesday.  All our roads have been coated with ice.  No mail, newspaper, or pizza delivery.  Just now hearing that a section of I-55 just North of us is again closed due to an 18 wheeler accident attributed to ice.  Very weird weather.

Seems it was just another day for our birds, though.  We had many different varieties stopping by for a meal.  Seems they all liked shadow better than sun.  Had some Blue Jays.

DSC_0311 (Medium)

DSC_0321 (Medium)

DSC_0322.1 (Medium)

DSC_0333 (Medium)

Some I didn’t know the names of.  Maybe a plain ol’ sparrow.

DSC_0307 (Medium)

And a very fast one.

DSC_0372 (Medium)

DSC_0373 (Medium)

A woodpecker, or two.

DSC_0358 (Medium)

DSC_0402 (Medium)

And of course, the Cardinals.

DSC_0386 (Medium)

One had something unusual going on with one leg.  What do you think, Judy.

DSC_0377 (Medium)

DSC_0378 (Medium)

DSC_0381 (Medium)

That’s about it for another day.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out tomorrow….jc


  1. What a SUPER "album" of Bird photos....guessing you got all your camera "settings" figured out. Thanks for sharing.....take care my friend..Horst sends

  2. Excellent captures....such beautiful creatures!

  3. Mike and I love the birds!! We have several feeders in our backyard and they have been busy with all this snow/ice on the ground.
    Great pics of your bird friends!!!

  4. Enjoyed seeing the sweet little birds.

    We have no mail service yet either, although our road is easily passable today.

    I am so ready for warm weather. Wouldn't care if I never saw another winter! At least, for a little while! :D

  5. Beautiful bird photos! Can't say that I am missing the bad weather!

    Our mutual TX escape friends are joining us at Cherokee!

    See you next month!


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