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Sunday, April 13, 2014

It Finally Arrived,


Spring, that is.


Though the annual Azalea Festival was nearly a month ago, with nary an azalea in sight, the temperatures finally warmed up enough the past week for them to awaken.

It’s practically impossible to find a home anywhere in our part of the world that doesn’t have at least one azalea bush. Most have dozens, if not hundreds.  All colors of the rainbow. 

DSC_0637 (Medium)

DSC_0638 (Medium)

DSC_0661 (Medium)

DSC_0677 (Medium)

DSC_0690 (Medium)

DSC_0671 (Medium)

DSC_0684 (Medium)

DSC_0631 (Medium)

DSC_0654 (Medium)

DSC_0688 (Medium)

DSC_0656 (Medium)

Just a little walk around our neck of the woods. 

Spent dogwood blossoms.

DSC_0643 (Medium)

Neighbors yard.

DSC_0704 (Medium)

And, just for those that have never seen it,

DSC_0668 (Medium)

how about some poke salad.  A sure sign of spring.

Thanks to all for the comments on our friends passing.  They were truly appreciated……jc


  1. It was touch and go there for awhile as to whether spring was ever going to come!!! Your pics are just beautiful!!! I sure wish the azaleas would stay in bloom longer...they are just a gorgeous plant!!!!
    I think with this past winter we all appreciate spring so much more this year!!!!

  2. Just gorgeous....not many things can match that beauty!!!!!

  3. Wow, my eyes kept getting bigger as I rolled down the pictures. WOW.

  4. You win the prize with these photos !!!! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing ...... The colors are out-of-this-world !!!!

  5. Beautiful flowers, Jerry. Glad Spring has arrived in your neck of the woods. With 90+ degree weather here, I'm afraid summer is almost here.

  6. What awesome "photogenic" flowers...super capture with your lens...Nice to see that Spring is coming to our part of the country.....Thanks for sharing......any adventures on your "radar scope"???...Horst sends

  7. It's been a long time since I saw an azalea bush blooming--they do make a gorgeous display! Your poke salad photo brought back some southern memories, too.

  8. Loved the pictures! The lavender bush looks just like the one next door and the orange is just across the street. We have white, red and pink but none are fully blooming....it's a good thing as there's a freeze forecasted for tomorrow night. Enjoy your spring....!

  9. Just gorgeous. I love spring flowers.

  10. Hope the storm we're experiencing right now in Texas skips you guys or those beautiful blossoms will be mince meat. :(

  11. Looks like the Garden of Eden!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous series of photos!

  13. Wow, those are some of the finest example of azaleas that I have ever seen! What color! A nice place to just go sit and have a bit of nothing but flower time.


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