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Friday, May 30, 2014

North Rim, Grand Canyon


Though the Casita Gathering we were a part of across Southern Utah ended on Memorial Day, six rigs added the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to our agenda.  We have attempted it in the past, but weather always won out.  It was either snowing, raining, or socked in clouds.  This time, we got lucky with beautiful weather.

Our campsite.

IMG_3349 (Medium)

The clearing through the trees is actually a branch canyon.  Very beautiful, but quite a hike back up to the trailer from the rim.  Even with the beautiful site, some weren’t impressed.

IMG_3356 (Medium)

The lodge is really nice.  More modern than some due to a fire back in the 1930’s.  You can also see that the crowds are much smaller on the North Rim.  This was around 9 AM.

IMG_3359 (Medium)

IMG_3374 (Medium)

Plenty of places to take a nap, read, or just look out the windows.

IMG_3367 (Medium)

IMG_3363 (Medium)

There’s also these little Frontier cabins.  They are where we stayed with the kids back in the early eighties.

IMG_3384 (Medium)

IMG_3385 (Medium)

Brought back some great memories of a two week, 3500 mile, vacation.   Chevy Chase has nothing on me.  The only thing different from his movie, National Lampoon’s Vacation, was I didn’t have the mother-in-law.Smile

One day we took a hike.

IMG_3335 (Medium)

Scenery way too big for my little camera and lens.

IMG_3329 (Medium)

IMG_3339 (Medium)

IMG_3344 (Medium)

On the last evening I walked back down to the rim behind our site.  There was a rock outcropping there, that I sat on for an hour or so.  Must have taken a hundred different shots trying to capture the changing colors and shadows as the sun made its way down.  None were great, but a few will do.

IMG_3388 (Medium)

IMG_3397 (Medium)

IMG_3394 (Medium)

Was also hoping for a spectacular sunset, but it wasn’t to be. Still, it was a fitting end to a wonderful three days.

IMG_3458 (Medium)

IMG_3464 (Medium)

Lee’s Ferry, next……jc


  1. I love the north rim and love your post! So many wonderful photos! Hanging on and living vicariously.

  2. Can't wait till we can see those sights!!! Great pics...you are too modest, the sunset pics are awesome!!!

  3. I've always liked the north rim better than the south because fewer people crowd the place. You did a great job with your pictures! Enjoy Lees Ferry. See if you can stowaway on one of the rafts.

  4. Great post....sure hope you got a chance to meet Gaelyn while you were there.

  5. I like the north rim too, but I haven't been there since 1988! Maybe this fall?

  6. You are seeing such beautiful country! Our grand pup took grey....think it makes them look so sweet! Keep up with the good times...liking this view!

  7. Amazing...just amazing....and you did it justice with your lens....hard to pick a favorite photo...North Rim is for sure on my Fall trip...even it it snows....you have had a journey that has given you and Wanda a life time of awesome memories...and you have been nice enough to share them...thanks Buddy...Horst sends


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