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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hanging out in Kansas


After spending Thursday night in Stillwater, Oklahoma, at a so called RV park, we arrived at Hillsboro Cove COE campground near Marion, Kansas on Friday.  A very large, scenic campground on the shores of Lake Marion.  Lots of reservation, as well as first come, sites.  We were looking for somewhere to ride out the Labor Day weekend and made a good choice.  Though there’s not a lot of activities nearby, as it’s mostly farm country,  there was one place nearby that I had to check out.

IMG_4412 (Medium)

The remains of a working ranch which ceased operation in the 1980’s, it is now a museum to ranching life in the Flint Hills, and the Tall Grass Prairie.  We ran into another historic figure entering the visitor center.  Seems they were having a birthday celebration for Smokey Bear.

IMG_4375 (Medium)

IMG_4374 (Medium)

The grounds were dominated by this huge three story barn.

IMG_4377 (Medium)

IMG_4379 (Medium)

The ground floor was dark and dimly lit, as you would expect the livestock area to be.

IMG_4380 (Medium)

IMG_4385 (Medium)

The second floor was once a place for storing hay and other feeds, but was now the showplace for some local talented ladies.

IMG_4386 (Medium)

IMG_4387 (Medium)

IMG_4388 (Medium)

IMG_4389 (Medium)

IMG_4392 (Medium)


IMG_4393 (Medium)

The house was closed for renovations, so didn’t get to visit it.  Just walked the grounds, enjoying the views and letting my imagination run back a hundred years or so, when this was a self sufficient ranch.

IMG_4394 (Medium)

Barbed wire.

IMG_4396 (Medium)

Stone outhouse.

IMG_4397 (Medium)

Main house.

IMG_4402 (Medium)

IMG_4404 (Medium)

IMG_4407 (Medium)

IMG_4411 (Medium)

More on the area, next time…..jc


  1. What a beautiful barn! Unthinkable hours of effort to build.

  2. We have a reservation at that park in a few weeks. We've never been before and really appreciate your preview. Tallgrass Prairie is on our "to do" list, too. Thanks so much. Safe travels!


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