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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Baby has no Shoes!


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We left home Monday morning around 11 AM.  Planned destination was one of Judy’s favorite stops along I-49. A passport America park in Ajax, Louisiana.  We made such good time through Natchez and Alexandria that we arrived there around 3 PM.  Temperature was 99*.  I asked Wanda to contact a friend of ours a few more hours up the road to see if she had a spot for us.  The answer was in the affirmative, so we continued on to near Quitman Texas.

We had an appointment at Little House Customs for a major mod on the Casita, so on Tuesday morning we arrived bright and early.  Our 2002 model had the standard axle with fourteen inch tires.  Nothing wrong with setup at all. The problem that has evolved the past twelve years is finding quality tires in that size.  I gave up on the standard trailer tires, and run European light truck tires.  They are the only tires available in the fourteen inch size, and load range “D”.  They are now becoming very hard to find as the demand for fourteen inch tires of any kind has diminished considerably.

I needed to move to fifteen inch tires which should not have been a problem, but Casita spotted the shell of our trailer just a bit too much toward the back of the frame.  Fifteen inch tires rubbed the inside of the wheel well when the suspension bottomed out.  The only option was to move the axle back.  So that’s what we were here for. 

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Rather than just move the old one, we had Larry install a new high-lift axle.  Plenty of room now for those fifteen, or even sixteen inch tires.  While Larry was so hard at work, he had Barney entertaining the company.

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The job is all finished, now.  We are back at our friends home.

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One of the many wonderful sites, provided by our wonderful friends.

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Pulling out sometime tomorrow, heading North!…..jc


  1. I love the Casita's new shoes! And the friend's Casita spot. :)

  2. Ajax is one of my favorite stops when I'm in that area. So peaceful. Your choice though seems just as good with friends very nearby. :)

  3. I don't know which I like the most....the new shoes or the beautiful site!!!!
    Your baby will love those new shoes!!!

  4. I really like the high axle and tire size options....Larry has got some kinda setup and is a truely nice person!!!...safe journey my Friend..Horst sends

  5. She's beautiful even up on blocks! Wishing you (much) lower temps.

  6. Love the new shoes and the great spot you're enjoying. Enjoy your travels!

  7. We will be missing the company in Kansas but not the heat! Have lots of fun, take lots of photos! Say "hi" to everyone.


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