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Sunday, October 19, 2014

One of those Weeks!


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A few miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway took us from Maggie Valley to Cherokee.  Every day the colors looked more vibrant.  We took our time on the short journey and enjoyed the views from every pullout.

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By noon on Sunday we had checked in and paid for our week in Cherokee.  We had been looking forward to this gathering since leaving home the end of August.  Only one other egg there when we arrived. A lady from the Outer Banks with a 13’ Scamp.

Monday was cloudy so we made a Walmart run, then a drive down the Nantahala Gorge and over the Cherohola Skyway.  Rain and fog made up the majority of the day.  Tuesday morning we awoke to more rain.  We had a leisurely breakfast, then decided to make a drive over the mountains to Townsend, Tennessee. Wanda wanted to visit a dulcimer shop there, and it seemed the best thing to do when the forecast was 100% rain and thunderstorms.  The ride over was really pretty in a way.  Rain and clouds, with waterfalls everywhere.

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As we arrived in Townsend, Wanda’s phone rang.  Her mom had been in the hospital for a few days due to dehydration.  Wanda’s brother was visiting her each day and keeping us updated on her condition.  She was scheduled to be discharged that morning.  Sometime Monday night she had managed to get out of bed, and had fallen.  Broken cheekbone and ribs.  Wanda said she felt the need to get home, so off we went.  Back over the mountain, stopping by the campground office to inform them of the situation, and that we were leaving.  Sorry, no refunds. 

Hooked up and out of the campground by 4 PM.  Arrived home eleven hours later.  Wanda was up and on her way to Jackson by 8 AM.  She spent Wednesday, and most of Thursday there, getting her mom settled back at her nursing facility on Thursday afternoon.

The third weekend of October is the time of the Great Mississippi River Balloon Races.  We had made no plans to attend, but decided to drive over on Saturday morning.  We could visit with family, as well as some old friends.  Arrived just in time to see a number of balloons hanging around the target.

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Watched our guys as they passed over.

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We followed along with the crew, and helped them pack up.  From there, we spent the remainder of the day hanging out with family and friends.  Enjoyed a beautiful day outside, overlooking the mighty Mississippi River.  As we were leaving Natchez, we received another phone call.  Mom back in hospital.

Wanda’s back in Jackson for an undetermined period of time…..Sad smile


  1. Our prayers for Mom and for you guys as you deal with the resulting changes to your schedules.

  2. So sorry to hear about Wanda's mother. I can hear your disappointment in the plans that went awry. Hope Mom recovers and things are back to normal soon.

    I loved your scenery photos, especially the misty, rainy waterfall photo. But it was sure nice to see the blue sky behind the balloons. :)

  3. So sorry to hear about Wanda's mom. We are also in your shoes with Nat, one day he is doing well but at 92 all it takes is one little thing for him to be doing not so well!

  4. So sorry mom suffered the fall and has additional problems. As caregivers we are sure thrown many curve balls...I hope she recovers soon.

    Hot air ballons hold a special place in my heart glad you found a way to visit the festival.

  5. So sorry to hear about Wanda's Mom....so stressful for both of you. It's good that you are able to be flexible during these times. Glad you got to see the balloons. Your pictures are fantastic.

  6. Bummer about Wanda's mom. Hope she's much better very soon.

  7. Thoughts and Prayers with Mother, You, Wanda and Family....Fantastic Balloon Photo's...I still need to attend that one of these years!! Take care my Friend....Horst sends

  8. Great balloon shots. Sending good thoughts for mom.

  9. Jerry, you and Wanda were missed....but everyone understood the reason behind the departure. The lack of refund sucks....looks like they could have been a bit more humane about it.
    Wonderful photos of the balloons.....colors are so vibrant. Hope it is only 3 months before we see you both again. Sending the mom healing thoughts.

  10. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys and Wanda's mom.

  11. Man, am I thinking of you guys.


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