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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rosy Lane CG


We are spending the week in Rosy Lane campground, along the Taylor River, North of Gunnison, CO.  We were lucky and got one of the premier sites.  Thankful it was a first come-first serve, and our timing was right.

IMG_7323 (Small)

IMG_7300 (Small)

From our sitting area out the door, we can see the bobbing heads of the rafters as they pass each afternoon.  Usually six or eight rafts, spread over an hour or so.

IMG_7292 (Small)

IMG_7349 (Small)

The river this time of year appears to be just right for a fun float.

IMG_7339 (Small)

IMG_7337 (Small)

IMG_7305 (Small)

How did the campground get its name?  Lots of these little wild roses blooming everywhere.  Along with many others, of which I have no clue.

IMG_7312 (Small)

IMG_7321 (Small)

Another note on the campground itself.  This is the best National Forest CG we have ever stayed in.  By that I mean sites, cleanliness, hosts; the entire package.  It is managed by Recreational Resource Management, and their folks here are the best we’ve encountered in our seven years traveling this Country.

Hiking tomorrow…..jc


  1. Another SUPER find...I've got it marked...I had planned to go to Crested Butte on my upcoming Trip, and this is along the Route....I guess I'll just follow in your tracks on my trip :) Happy Trails...Horst sends


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