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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wrong Trail


While talking with the host here at the camp ground, he mentioned a trail that paralleled the river.  The trailhead was in another campground downstream.  The plan was to hike it up to where our campground was, take a few pictures along the way, then back track to the trailhead.

As luck would have it, there were two trails at the parking area,  Neither one was marked, so I started out on what appeared to be the most traveled.  I soon realized that It definitely wasn’t the riverbank trail.  But, what the heck, it’s a trail.

IMG_4043 (Small)

IMG_4044 (Small)

Some areas were paved with concrete blocks filled with soil.  Definitely would not have enjoyed getting them up there.

IMG_4045 (Small)

IMG_4046 (Small)

Up and up I go, till I finally break out near the top.  Looking down on most of the surrounding landscape.

IMG_4051 (Small)

I enter an old burned area with lots of grass, shrubs, and flowers.

IMG_4053 (Small)

IMG_4056 (Small)

IMG_4057 (Small)

IMG_4060 (Small)

IMG_4070 (Small)

IMG_4068 (Small)

From there it’s on through as aspen grove.

IMG_4062 (Small)

Soon I reach a turnaround point.  The whistle pig gave a warning as I entered his domain.

IMG_4063 (Small)

I sit for a while looking out over the surrounding area.  Pull out my phone to see the time and realize I have a signal.  Call the neighbor back home to check on things and chat for a while.  Drink a bottle of water and ponder the descent.

IMG_4065 (Small)

Soon I was retracing my steps.  No fantastic vistas or historic ruins were found on the hike.  Just two and a half hours of hiking along, wondering what may be around the next bend, enjoying it all.

IMG_4074 (Small)

I did run into these guys later in the day.

IMG_4081 (Small)

IMG_4082 (Small)

Interesting hike planned for tomorrow….jc


  1. Oh wow. What a thrill to see the bighorns! I lived in CO for 3 months, hiked almost every day, and never once saw a single one. Though there was plenty of, um, evidence on the trails. Very cool!

  2. Great Hike, super vistas, magnificent wildlife...the icing would be flat iron steak, grilled sweet corn(on the cob) and a Drool Moose.....thanks for sharing...Horst sends

  3. It may have been the "wrong" trail, if there is such a thing, but it turned out to be a real beauty especially with the bighorn sighting.


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