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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Morning Hike/Zion


IMG_0107 (Medium)

A few miles outside the tunnel in Zion is an unnamed parking area near an unnamed bridge. If one drops down into the dry wash, and hikes under the bridge there are petroglyphs to see.

IMG_0114 (Medium)

IMG_0110 (Medium)

Though the park service doesn’t advertise their presence, footprints in the culvert show that lots of people know they’re there.

IMG_0112 (Medium)

They are notheing spectacular, but give proof that people have been enjoying the sights of Zion for centuries before the first white man saw them.

IMG_0119 (Medium) IMG_0120 (Medium)

IMG_0180 (Medium) IMG_0121 (Medium)

I’m not sure these backpackers weren’t added later.

IMG_0123 (Medium)

The panels only took a few minutes to view and we were on our way again.  The wash appeared to deadend in a large rockfall, but if one was dedicated to the cause, a way up and around could be found.

IMG_0124 (Medium)

No trail to speak of, but awesome beauty all around. Enjoy.

IMG_0136 (Medium)

IMG_0137 (Medium)

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I  hiked maybe a half mile or so up the slickrock canyon until it became a slot canyon.  We traversed it for maybe a hundred yards before it became one rock scramble after another.  After about three of those we happened to look up and see it was clouding up fast. As you can see from the last pictures it had become totally overcast, and we barely beat the rain back to the truck.  Quite a morning….jc


  1. NICE!!!...I missed that on my visit last year....you do have a nack for finding these gems...thanks for sharing...safe hiking! Horst sends

  2. Nice find....and the BLUE in some of those skies, wow!

  3. Nice find....and the BLUE in some of those skies, wow!

  4. Great photos Jerry--you might enjoy a book I read, recommended by Oh The Places We Go--it's called Sandstone Spine and is about three guys who hike Combs Ridge but it talks a lot about the Anasazi history.

  5. That red rock area is just so stunning. One of my favorites.


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