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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Super Moon, and not much else.


It has been close to a month since my last post.  Nothing worthy of the time it takes to write, has taken place.  Just the routine of being home. 

Each morning we get up, pour a cup of coffee, grab a tablet or laptop, and start our day.  Very little television for us the last few weeks.  Wanda’s checking email and looking at facebook. I’m checking blogs and forums, and reading local newspapers, as well as those in places like Billings, MT and Salt Lake City. 

It’s usually not long before Wanda will ask “what are you going to do today”?  The answer is often the same.  I don’t know!  But, there’s always something that needs to be tended to if you live in the country.  I’ll get up, walk outside, and most days don’t come back into the house till mid afternoon, or later. 

The so called super moon was blanked out by clouds on Sunday night.  It was clear last evening so I tried to get a few pictures of it.  There was no way to get a shot of it breaking the horizon anywhere near where we live.  Too many trees.  By the time it started to clear the treetops, it didn’t appear much different than a normal full moon. 

That being said,  here’s my feeble attempts at capturing the “super moon”.

IMG_9652 (Medium)

IMG_9657 (Medium)

IMG_9658 (Medium)

IMG_9659 (Medium)

IMG_9668 (Medium)

IMG_9669 (Medium)

I don’t think anyone will be wanting copies of those.

Though it’s early, we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Always my favorite holiday.  We have numerous family birthdays that also fall during Thanksgiving week, and that makes it even more fun. 

We hope to get the Casita out for a short run the week after Thanksgiving.  Stand by……jc


  1. I LIKE your moon photos--way better than mine!! I'm with you on the "nothing to blog about"--I keep plugging away but some days are really hard!

  2. Are you kidding me???? Those are great photos. Love the way you captured the foliage in front of the moon!

  3. Great shots of the moon. But I agree, it just looks like any other full moon to me.
    Have a great time celebrating the various holidays.

  4. IMHO those are terrific moon shots, especially with the trees as foreground..I took a couple, as you said nothing special....I guess we're all in the same "funk"and just hanging out....and I also refuse to watch TV....Take care and You, Wanda and Family have a blessed Thanksgiving.....Horst sends

  5. Enjoyed your moon shots! We also had too many trees for us to see much.
    Always much to do if we just look around. Our TV viewing is limited to streaming shows. The news is much too divisive.
    Looking forward to getting back on the road...see you "out there"!

  6. does look impressive. Here in FL it has not loked much different than normal.


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