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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

That Time of Year

Normally, the first of May finds us on the road someplace.  But like most everyone we know, home is the place to be.  Lots of piddling for me, and puzzles for Wanda.

She amazes me with how easily she does those things.  She  can't read a road map worth a darn, but can put together a thousand piece puzzle in just a day or two.

Our weather the past three weeks has been quite frightful.  Beginning on Easter Sunday, we had tornadoes develop just east of us that destroyed lots of property and killed fourteen people.  Then the following Sunday we had one develop just south of us which killed one, while devastating an area almost a mile wide and nearly sixty miles long.

Last Thursday(April 23) our phones awakened us at 3AM for a tornado warning.  Clicked on the television to find that the tornado was only miles from our house, and we were in its direct path.  We quickly got dressed, grabbed Sally, and got in our middle bathroom. Almost immediately our lights went out and we heard it coming.  Never before had we heard the sound so many speak of.  That train coming.  We heard it loud and clear as we cowered down.  I don't know if  I've ever felt more relief than when we heard that train leaving.  Heavy rain was falling as I opened our front door.  Pitch black darkness, but I knew it hit close.  I could smell the broken pines on the wind.  We called all our neighbors to check on them.  All were shaken, but no one was hurt.  One knew he had damage to his home, but with darkness we couldn't assess much.

As it became light, we could see the path.  It missed our property by a couple hundred yards, but devastated our neighbors farm.  Actually missed his house by a scant twenty yards.  His barn and many outbuildings destroyed.

                                                   Our power lines under those trees.

Many of you have seen pictures of what we call our little lane.  It's the road past our house, and the one we walk most days.

This is what it looked like on Thursday morning.

I spent the day Thursday with a chainsaw in hand, helping to clear our road in both directions.  We live in the country, and waiting for the local government isn't really an option.  Friends helping friends always works better.  We spent Friday doing much the same, helping out where we could.  Saturday we slipped off to the bayou for a little time with family.  We social distanced best we could, and had a great time. 

Saturday afternoon as we returned home the power company was working on our road.  About 9:30 Saturday night our power was restored.  One can't say enough about what a great job those guys do in such adverse conditions.

Sunday morning was quiet in the neighborhood.  Everyone was worn out.   We decided to take a walk down our lane.

                                            I don't think it will ever look the same......jc


  1. Congratulations on dodging the tornado. That was too close for my comfort.

  2. Glad the Tornado left you all unscathed. Not someplace that I'd like to be.
    Gotta like the way those power people work.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

  3. So glad you guys are safe. That was waaay too close!

  4. Wow! Glad to hear you guys were unscathed.

  5. Glad you guys and neighbors are all okay. Everything else can be replaced in time.

  6. WOW! That's too close. Glad you are OK.

  7. Glad you're safe....Seems every system this year so far as been going right over you.....You're spot on about "Friends helping Friends"..especially living in rural areas...Great to see you're able to get some "Family time"...especially with our current situation...Take care Buddy. Horst sends

  8. God's "hedge of protection" was visible. Praise God you two were saved again.
    We were in the Casita in Mill's Canyon in New Mexico when we heard that train sound.
    Shirley & JT


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