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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casita Family

   One of the greatest benefits of owning a Casita is the Casita family network.  There are two websites, with forums, specifically for Casita owners, as well as another dedicated to all makes of molded fiberglass trailers.  The molded fiberglass community is made up of lots of great people.
   There are a number of rally's each year in different parts of the country.  The largest being the Bluebonnet Rally in Bandera, TX.  It is taking place this week.  More than 140 fiberglass trailers in one park.  It is a really fun event.
   Besides the Bluebonnet rally, there are numerous others throughout the year, Pine Knot, Hillapalooza, Madagorda Madness, Green Egg and Ham, just to mention a few.  There's also a number of tours and random get-to-gathers which pop up each year. The Glacier Gathering of 2010 came about from a random post on one of the forums.  Before we knew it, we had folks from Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Utah, Washington, and Louisiana headed for Montana for a week.  The Utah tour has been going on each May for the last 4 years.  There is also a fiberglass gathering at Quartzite each February.
We try to make 3 or 4 rally's each year.  It is a great time to visit with old friends as well as meet new ones.  Plans are made, problems discussed, good food and fellowship.  A real family experience.........jc

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  1. Just found your blog on Hitchitch and will be following along. Very interesting. I have 3 dachsies- one is a double dapple. You can see them at http://travelinglongdogs.blogspot.com/ One small suggestion: move your blog archive up above your My Blog List to make it easier for people to go back and read previous entries.


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