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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Time; Greater Lose!



We just returned home today from a great week of fun and fellowship with many old and new friends.  This was the second year for the GE&H Gathering and it was better than last year.  Almost fifty fiberglass trailers; Casita’s, Scamps, Bigfoots, Escapes, a restored Yellowstone from years ago, and even a brand new Element.  A fantastic week.


One of the couples there were Jean and Paul McClure.  They arrived a few days early from their home in Texas.  If there were a patriarch of the FGRV family in the Southwest, Paul would have been that individual.  They made every rally and gathering.  Always a warm welcome for everyone and a true joy to be around.  Actually they were the very first folks we met in the FGRV family.  Wanda and I were on our way to our very first rally; the Bluebonnet in Bandera, Texas; back in 2007.  We stopped in a rest area between Houston and San Antonio and saw another trailer similar to ours.  There were Paul and Jean, having lunch at one of the picnic tables.  They insisted we have a sandwich with them.  What great folks they were.

We shared lunch again with them on Thursday.  Paul became ill Thursday night and they departed for home on Friday morning.  They only made it to Baton Rouge before Jean had to take him to the hospital.  We arrived home this afternoon to find out he had passed away early this morning.  Though our hearts are sad this evening,  we know that Paul spent the last few days of his life doing exactly what he loved to do.  I remember shaking his hand Friday morning when they were leaving. His last words to me were “see you down the road”. I can only hope that my passing will be the same.


  More on the GE&H later this week……..jc


  1. Dang! That's so sad, but then that's the way I'd like to go also. Great last picture sending a kindred soul off into the sunset. :_(

  2. Very sad, nice photo on the bottom Jerry!

  3. Always hard to lose a friend. Fantastic photo of the fire and sunset.


  4. Our sincere condolences on the loss of such a fine friend. Isn't it wonderful to have such people grace our lives and leave such an impact. So glad he spent those last precious days doing what made him happiest.


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