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Friday, April 5, 2013

Mullygrubin’ and Reminiscing


DSCN0035 (Medium)

Canyonlands; 2009

There has not been much happening the past couple of weeks worthy of blogging about.  Watching it rain, grumbling about the cold, pretty much wraps it up. We did have a couple of nice days the end of last week.  Spent those helping place a metal roof on an elderly ladies house.  For the next three days, I couldn’t get up out of my chair.  I’m having a problem getting my brain and body in sync.  The brain says I still can; the body says I should forget about it.  Seems the body is wining.  OLDSad smile

DSCN0042 (Medium)

Yellowstone; 2008

The first few days of this week were accompanied by more rain and cold temps.  Did manage to take care of a couple projects that made the boss happy.  Two new full view storm doors on the house, and a new gas grill. 

The sun finally came out today, just in time.  I had volunteered to cook 80 lbs. of fish for the local food pantry.  We had planned it for today.  My brother, my neighbor, and I started frying fish at 9 am and finished at 1215.  I think the facility delivered 90 plates to elderly folks that aren’t able to get out, and fed sixty or so at the facility.  I’m glad that commitment is behind me.

DSCN0165 (Medium)

Lake Powell; 2010

This coming Sunday I’m heading out on a guy’s only trip to Guntersville, AL.  Crappie fishing for the week.  My brother, a cousin, and I, have a cottage rented on the shores of lake Guntersville from Sunday to Friday.  If the weather cooperates, we hope to catch a mess or two of crappie.  In case the fish don’t cooperate, we are also taking the golf clubs. 

DSCN0357 (Medium)

Tetons; 2008

All this down time at home had me thinking of some past Casita adventures.  All the pictures in todays post were taken in the pre-blog days.  The memories are still vivid, and I find myself thinking I should write them down just for myself.  There’s something about that first or second adventure that just can’t be duplicated.

DSCN0329 (Medium)

Castle Valley; 2009

Anyway, things are looking up.  Wanda tells me she wants to attend a mountain dulcimer festival in Mountain View, AR near the end of the month.  That  leaves me time to make a trip to East Texas if the fish start biting on the Trinity.  As the weather improves, opportunities are becoming more attractive.

DSCN0334 (Medium)

Grand Canyon; 2010

Hopefully, the next post will be filled with photos of FISH…….jc


  1. Enjoyed the memory photos. Wow, that was a lot of fish to fry.

    Colleen Phipps (longdog2)
    Traveling with The Longdogs

  2. The weather should be great! Lots of days in the 70's coming up.....I think Lake Guntersville is only a few hours away from home.

    Can really relate about the head and body...I think I can do something and the body just rebels!

    Loved your pictures...good luck with the fishing!

  3. Hey, I enjoyed the reminiscing! Good luck with the fishing!

  4. You all have been to some fabulous spots. The ones I haven't been to are on my list. Hope the fish cooperate with you!

  5. Great summary(photo's) of some of your favorite places...Tetons and Castle Valley...gives me "hitch-itch"....have a great trip to East Texas and fishing...BTW, when we meet up, I will have my Dulcimer, and Wanda will give me a lesson or three..haha...Cheers my Friend...Horst sends

    1. Looking forward to the meet, whenever it happens. Wanda said she would be honored to pick and grin with you.

    2. You Guys don't understand...I have a dulcimer....and I can grin...but I need Wanda to teach me how to "pick"....I don't have a clue...happy Trails to you both...Horst

  6. What a collection of settings...Lake Powell WOW!!!We're so close .... just not quite close enough to enjoy your lifestyle! Dulcimer...DREAMY!!

  7. Remember: When the wind is from the east, the fish bite least. When the wind comes from the north, the fish come forth. When the wind comes from the south it blows the bait into their mouths. When the wind comes from the west, the fish bite best.
    Have fun!


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