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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Idle Hands



The picture of Sally above pretty much says it all.  Still hanging out around the old home place.  Wanda’s mom is to have another procedure next week.  We’re hoping that will stabilize her situation and get her back on the road to recovery.  If it does, then we’ll be able to get on the road for the Fall.

As a young boy living in the country back in the last century, there was a phrase I hated to hear spoken by my parents or granddad.  It was that famous statement “ Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop”. It was always followed by “go hoe the garden, chop some kindling, cut the grass, or something else you didn’t want to hear.

As an adult in the Fall or Winter of my life, I find myself once again thinking about those words.  Where once upon a time they meant getting involved in something you shouldn’t,  they now mean if you’re  not being active at something, you are going to pay the price with your health.

While staying home attending to the need of Wanda’s mom, it would be so easy to sit in the recliner, watch television, and waste away.  Read a few books, take a nap, snack on some ice cream and cookies, etc. Especially when the temperatures are hanging around ninety-five or so, and the heat index is over a hundred each day.

With that in mind, I called my brother and said it’s time.  Time to start another house.  Four and a half days work, and we’re ready to start up with the walls.


This one is going to be a little different.  We decided to try and build a Southern cottage type of floor plan.  Better known in the South as a “shotgun” house.  Long and narrow, with a small front porch.


I even had a photo of our latest floor plan, which we had just sketched out in pencil on the sub-floor.  As I selected it to be edited, Picasa did something with it, and I’ve been unable to locate it anywhere on my computer.

We’ll probably change it three or four more times before all the walls are up.

Anyway, now you know what’s going on while the Egg’s not rolling……..jc


  1. That 'egg' is going to get hard boiled if those temperatures continue. ;)

    I hope you'll post your progress on the shotgun house.

  2. That's one way to pass the time...now would that be an air nailer or hammer! Glad you found such an undertaking...this I gotta see! Hopeful mending still continues...takes time to get all healed up!

  3. That sound rewarding....building a house! Look forward to hearing more and so excited that you two are planning on Kansas.
    Made my day to ee your names on the list. Believe I am ready to see some egg friends.

  4. You are so right about "idle hands" as we grow older. Sitting, doing nothing is not good for your health or mental state. That is why Mike and I are so glad we have found our "egg."
    Sending good wishes that Wanda's mom will be on the road to complete recovery very soon.
    Enjoy your build!!

  5. I love the old-time shotgun houses. Haven't seen one in many, many years unless I drive the rural back roads in Florida. Then I will occasionally see an old, decrepit one.

    I was moaning and groaning about all the must-dos on my list when it dawned on me yesterday that they are projects. And I like projects. And it will keep me from wasting so much time on the internet.

    Sorry to hear that Wanda's Mom still isn't up to par. Hope she improves soon.

    And if you've got to be hanging around, building a house is the most rewarding project I can think of.

    I'll really enjoy following your progress.

  6. Totally agree with you on that at our age. we need to be active.....admire your ability to build that house....looking forward to seeing the progress....wishing Wanda's Mom a complete healthy recovery....Take care...Horst sends

  7. Love the idea of building a house with the plans penciled on the subfloor. The planning & zoning people in Arizona sorta frown on that concept!


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