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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Still shooting Nails


A week ago yesterday morning, our building site looked the same as my last report on it. 

IMG_2332 (Medium)

We started laying out walls, changing this, enlarging that, until a floor plan developed that pleased us both.  From there we went into building walls.

IMG_2334 (Medium)

The following day we finished all the interior stud walls, framed the porch, and all the windows and doors.  Also got the tub/shower unit in place.

IMG_2338 (Medium)

IMG_2339 (Medium)

We took a day and a half off due to rain and other commitments, but got it all sheathed and wrapped on Saturday.

IMG_2340 (Medium)

IMG_2341 (Medium)

We also took another day off yesterday, but hit it hard today.  Thirty three truss’s had to be put up. 

IMG_2342 (Medium)

IMG_2344 (Medium)

We finished about 3:30 PM.  Not a bad days work for one old guy. and another one ten years younger.

IMG_2345 (Medium)

Though they weren’t extremely long, or heavy; we raised each one by hand.  The old body is feeling a little stiff this evening.

IMG_2347 (Medium)

If the rain holds off we’ll be working on fascia’s and soffits tomorrow, as well as stripping the truss’s for a metal roof.

John made a comment on the earlier post about loving the idea of building a house from a sketch on the subfloor, with no permits or inspections.

IMG_2336 (Medium)

We live in a part of the Country where “IF” you own the land, have the money, don’t inconvenience your neighbors, and have the ability, you can pretty much do what you want without lots of government interference.  We made a few changes.  Larger overall, bigger bedrooms, a walk-in closet, and lots of windows.  That’s how we work…….jc


  1. You guys have been busy!! What difference a week makes!! Looks great!!

  2. Let me get this straight... you are bored, you call your brother and say "lets build a house" and you build a house!

    My brain is having some difficulty processing this.
    Can I order one? :)

  3. You Guys are making quick work of this...looking really nice...do you do your own electric and plumbing?...Only comment I have is that I enlarged the "Architectural Plans(drawing)"...I think you are "handcuffing" yourself with way to much detail...LOL...Take care...be safe...Horst sends

  4. How amazing that you are free to build what you want without interference. I thought parts of Texas were the only places in the country that were still that free.

    People who can build houses from scratch are my true heroes. It is a joy following your progress!

  5. Feely a tad jealous...maybe I really need a hut to shelter and call home. Looks like perfect solution....ahhhhhhhhhh.... Had tough day....your inspiration!

  6. Geeze, am out of touch from almost everything for a week and look what you two do!


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