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Sunday, October 6, 2013

PineKnot IX

We have spent the last week sitting around, visiting with old and new friends, and just enjoying being out again.

IMG_2414 (Medium)

The rally is much the same as it is every year so I’m not going to bore you with details or pictures of the campground, or surrounding area.  If interested, you can click here and here for pictures.   Not much has changed other than a little more water in the lake, though this part of Texas is still in drought conditions.

There was an event or two for the ladies.  Arts and crafts, hat decorating, and such.

IMG_2417 (Medium)

IMG_2418 (Medium)

Even a tea party for all of them to show off their hats.

IMG_2420 (Medium)

IMG_2426 (Medium)

IMG_2425 (Medium)

A demonstration of Dutch Oven cooking with samples for the audience of all the goods prepared.

IMG_2434 (Medium)

Chicken pie.

IMG_2436 (Medium)

Pot luck on Thursday, appetizers under the stars on Friday, and ending with

IMG_2446 (Medium)

IMG_2445 (Medium) IMG_2444 (Medium)

IMG_2440 (Medium)

IMG_2448 (Medium)

It was a great week of doing nothing.  Thanks to Wanda for taking the pictures.  I didn’t get my camera out of the truck the entire week.

We are now at a friends home for a few days before heading up to Oklahoma.

IMG_2450 (Medium)

Sally loves it here as she has free run on a couple of acres, and two very understanding four legged playmates.  Not a bad view off the porch, either.

IMG_2451 (Medium)

That’s all for now…….jc


  1. Great pictures! Wondered how you were getting into them if behind the camera. Looks like a great time.

    Saw Stan M's pictures on FB...looks like you were teaching at the dutch oven school. We may need a repeat as I have much to learn!

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend a week!! I agree with Lynne, I want to learn more about dutch oven cooking! Have fun, safe travels!!

  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all....where the sunsets as good as last year?.....Would Sally's friends happen to be "Moe and Curly"???? Safe travels...Horst sends

    1. I meant "Larry and Curly"...headed up by Mmoe....Horst sends

  4. I'm so excited for my first rally in January! That was one cool tea luncheon!!! Still trying to make decisions here...it's a tough one!

  5. Wow, that sure looks like fun. Somebody did a lot of work for that tea party.

  6. It looks like it was a beautifully organized event. I was surprised by the real tea cups.

    I especially like your private campground at the bottom of the post!

  7. Sally really has nice friends. We did have a great time with friends at Pineknot. I enjoyed listening to the ladies play their dulcimers. I did go past to the pictures of the birthday trip. We need to go photographing at the next rally. Did you spot any metal markers in the cemeteries? I do love the spot that Sally enjoyed. Your private campground has a lovely host.


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